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    Default Re: Our first tractor purchase...where to start?

    Quote Originally Posted by Guesseral View Post
    But I would disagree. My tractor is a shuttle and I have absolutly no problem running a tiller, non what so ever. It all depends what you are used to and really what you want!
    Apparently you have a low enough gear to make things come out right groundspeed wise.. but I know many have complained that they cant go slow enough. I think some of it depends on how hard your soil is also.
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Our first tractor purchase...where to start?

    Some very good advice given above. I would also advise going the used route as well - however you have to be very careful about what you buy.
    I bought used for my first tractor - it was cheap and fine for what I needed. It was a 1959 MF65 and the parts were getting hard to find - though luckily I didn't need much. What I did need I was able to buy after market. Later I wanted a bit more power and four wheel drive so I checked out the Chinese tractors and felt that I could be happy with the arrangements, so I bought a new Jinma and it has been great for my needs and cost around 1/3 of a new large brand (JD,MF.etc.).
    For me it was fine (retired and mechanically inclined) and I have managed to do my own repairs(mostly self inflicted or very minor repairs).
    I realize not everyone wants foreign made equipment, so don't be in too much of a hurry to buy.
    Research and look good and hard at what you would like. Good tractors are out their but so are pieces of junk too.
    Good luck with your search.
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    Default Re: Our first tractor purchase...where to start?

    If you plan to go a lot of rototilling, HST is the way to go since you can control ground speed down to a few tenths of mile per hour--a feature you'll like since it facilitates effective/efficient rototilling.

    Good luck

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    Default Re: Our first tractor purchase...where to start?

    Quote Originally Posted by patchfarm View Post
    RUGGED kubota 46hp 4WD

    That's the L4400 I was going to try and take a look at this weekend. You guys are saying the L series is too light? The only other issues I see with that tractor I linked to, is the guy says it has no remotes, and it of course doesn't have an FEL so I'd have to add all of that later on.

    The farm I worked on last year had a Kioti...don't remember which model but it was a decent tractor...HST.

    Implements we plan on using in the near future: tiller, chisel plow, disc harrow. Probably will use a flail mower somewhere in the next few years to work cover crops. Long-term I don't see anything else really, maybe a backhoe someday..Maybe brush hog.

    I did a quick search on local craigslists for any MX5100's and they seem to be kind of out of our range. $20K and up.
    I would not be scared of a L4400. I bought a 2005 model used with 200 hours on in early 2007. Mine is 2 X 4 with a loader, paid $13,000 for it. I run a 2 row 3pt hit corn planter, 3 pth 150 gallon sprayer, 6' brush hog, 3 pth fertilizer spreader, haul firewood, 3 pth forklift, back blade, rear and front bale spears, cultivators, one row corn picker, pto powered grain elevator etc. Zero problems, spunky little tractor (especially without the loader and weights on the front).

    I grow 10 acres of sweet corn, a few acres of pumpkins, and 25 acres of grain corn along with running a few beef. This is my "little tractor" and it gets used the most. Only complaint is I wish I spent the few extra thousand for a 4 x 4 version. But, my farm is all gravel ground so the only place I really could use it is hauling firewood and plowing snow.

    I did add a rear hydraulic remote to mine. I could not justify paying for the $700+ for the kit from the dealer, so I bought the parts from Northern Hydraulic and Tractor Supply. Have a retired handyman friend that helped me with the fabrication. Including paying him I have $400 invested, and it works great.

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