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    Default Kubota b2100 (Questions)

    Looking at a used b2100 kubota. I am new to the tractor scene but have been doing quite a bit of homework recently. I have 5+ acres 2.5 finish mowed and around 3 pasture that I need to keep up with. Lots of tree work for the forseeable future as the ground have not been well kept. My questions are as follows:

    1) Will the b2100 be nimble enough to finish cut the yard (comes with a 60" mmm)?

    2) Will the b2100 be able to run a bush hog or other such implement of sufficient size so as to work on the 3 acres of pasture in a reasonable amount of time (would like to cut this at least twice per month)?

    3) What are the good and bad features of this tractor? Anything to watch out for?

    4) What is a fair price to pay for a 1998 unit with a 60" mmm and FEL (~450 hrs)?

    5) I also need to clear about 700' of gravel driveway in the Winter. My inlination is to use a rear blade and possibly the FEL for this chore. Any other suggestions?

    The other units I am considering are a bx2200 and a JD2210.

    Any input would be appreciated...

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    Default Re: Kubota b2100 (Questions)

    I have not looked up the specs on this model for sure ( but I would expect it can run a 4 foot brush hog well, perhaps a 5 ft. with some weight on the front. The B2xxx series tractors are in my opinion heavier built than the current BX series, and the B will have larger tires and more ground clearance. Probably will have a greater lift capacity at the 3pt. I am assuming the B2100 is 4wd and hydro - you certainly want that for snow clearing FEL work and finish mowing respectively.

    Prices vary wildly by region, so you will simply have to shop around to get an idea. Check out and for a localized search of similar machines. Depending on how you plan to purchase a tractor (finance vs cash) it may make equal sense to buy new with low rates and a nice warranty.

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    Default Re: Kubota b2100 (Questions)

    I traded my B2100 HST up to a 2910 a little over a year ago. It ran turf tires, a Woods fel, landpride rfm and the usual assorted implements; boxblade/rake/tiller. I loved that lil sucker, moved tons of gravel, dug yards of hardpack clay, pushed over piles of brush and trees and it never let me down. It will be more than be nimble enough to finish cut. I brush hogged for friends but not 3 acres at a clip, twice a month so I can't help out there. Just consider whatever "a reasonable amount of time" as seat time mental therapy. My winter snow removal was with the fel and boxblade, and even with turfs never needed chains or got it stuck. By the way, I'd still have the 2100, the only reason I traded up is I went for fluids/filters for it, my lady got out of the truck and eyeballed a backhoe, said we needed a backhoe. I said the subframe for the bh on the 2100 with the turffs was a little my fluids and filters came on a new tractor.

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    Default Re: Kubota b2100 (Questions)

    I have a B2100 with a finish mower, it has standard tread tires (non turf tires) and it works great ... there are a couple of small areas (15 x 15) that require tight turns in the same spot every time I mow ... I noticed bald spots developing in the grass where the inside read tire pivots, so I mow those small areas with a push mower ... other than that it is great. is definitely not a zero-turn mower, so be prepared for a little maneuvering or some scruff around the base of your trees ... and a knob/crank to allow quick wheel turns is a definite plus.

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