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    Default Re: What size disk harrow For the Kubota L3200 4X4 (manual)

    Check out our Xtreme Duty Box Frame Harrows. The 16-18 model with notched blades should give you great results.
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    Default Re: What size disk harrow For the Kubota L3200 4X4 (manual)

    Get a heavy box frame disk and it will cut even in tough clay. You can make many passes with a disk in the same time it takes to make one with a tiller. You can even add concrete blocks or railroad steel (if you can find them) for extra weight on the disk. I have rocky soil with rocks varying from 3/4" to 12" or larger and would never try to run a tiller in it prior to removing the large rocks. Even then it may bind up with a missed rock. I have been using an 8 foot disk on my garden but now I want to get a tiller so I can thoroughly mix in leaves for added organic matter. I have disked it and picked up most of the larger rocks and still found several to locked up my walk behind tiller. I plan to get a 54" to use behind my B26 this fall and hopefully wont find too many more rocks since I have already used the disk to loosen it up 8" or so in depth.
    I would advise you to do the same, buy a heavy disk to use first, pick up all the exposed rocks then use the tiller to break up any clods and thoroughly mix the soil, but not so much that is it fluffed up like flour.
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    Default Re: What size disk harrow For the Kubota L3200 4X4 (manual)

    Quote Originally Posted by EverythingAttachments View Post
    Check out our Xtreme Duty Box Frame Harrows. The 16-18 model with notched blades should give you great results.
    Note: ETA 16/18 has almost 43 pounds of harrow weight per disc, plus screw adjustment of the gang angles.

    You will not need to add any weight to this one in order to cut.
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    Default Re: What size disk harrow For the Kubota L3200 4X4 (manual)

    Buy the heaviest disk your tractor can lift properly. 20 blades X 40 lb per blade = 800 lb disk; 16 blades = 640 lb disk. Buy at least as wide as wheels. Use front weights on tractor if necessary + ballast in/on rear tires. With 4x4 should be no problem.

    I would forget about a tiller, expensive for a good one and might not even work well with your gear non-hydro tractor. The hard soil won't make it pull hard, if anything it'll pull easier and might have to make several passes after a rain. Might try pulling a one prong subsoiler a few passes if you can get a hold of one; if too tuff you can go shallow then deep, that will find the rocks

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