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    Default Re: Statistics on equipment manufacturers ratings by dealers.

    I agree - I think any survey needs to have the bias assumptions up front, but that does not mean they aren't still useful to some extent, so thanks to CompleteLawnCare for posting the link!!

    Case in point: this spring while I was at my deere Dealer getting maintenance parts, I noticed they changed the name of the dealership. When I asked why, they told me they banded together with 2 other regional Deere Dealers to counteract Deere's dictating what inventory they had to stock, discount levels, etc.

    i.e. - they did not like how corporate treated them, but like the product.

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    Default Re: Statistics on equipment manufacturers ratings by dealers.

    Thanks for sharing the press release. It's informative !!

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    Default Re: Statistics on equipment manufacturers ratings by dealers.

    Thanks for sharing. This is a survey that wouldn't influence me too much when purchasing a tractor, I would be more inclined to put more weight on an owner end user type of survey. Dealers I think would look at totally different things than an owner, especially an owner that sold more than one manufacturer of tractor especially if it was a bad week when they did the survey or the company owed him money longer that he was expecting. Where as an owner end user is rating one mfg and model of tractor and would tend to have a better tendency to have more of an average across the board view. Now that said I am sure it isn't always true or always the case. It's like my tractor I had a leak from the transmission that was fixed under warranty, to me it was no big deal I had to take it there twice because they thought they had found it the first time and didn't. I don't mind loading up the truck and trailer and taking it in I actually kind of like it. But the dealer probably thought it was a PITA and had to work on it more than once and maybe he had two or three other warranty items that week (month) and these cut into his more profitable type of work, to me it was it must have been something done on Monday or Friday no big deal, but to him it was something done on Monday or Friday PITA. I would just like to get a report from someone like me, yea I have had several different tractors this one stacks up or it doesn't why and why or for the size of the tractor it does very well or doesn't, had very little problems or had many, on the hole I would or would not purchase this manufacturer of tractor again. To me those things are way more important than a dealer survey. But that's me.
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    Default Re: Statistics on equipment manufacturers ratings by dealers.

    Very nice sharing what about now in 2014 anyone have the latest, if please share.
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