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    Default Re: Who makes tractors?

    Quote Originally Posted by 94BULLITT View Post
    I heard someone on here say it was transmissions.
    kubota and Daedong (Kioti) have a history of being less than friendly competitors that goes back a long way, with lawsuits and out-of-court settlements involving this sort of stuff. 30 years ago, they evidently did a deal to build one model line for Asian markets, but the deal fell apart and ended in litigation.

    From "RitchieWiki": "In the early 1980s the two companies collaborated to produce the 適ubota 02″ product line. Daedong provided the transmission and the steel for the body. Kubota provided everything else. After the collaboration, Kubota accused Daedong of stealing engineering secrets. The conflict culminated in 2002 when Kubota filed a lawsuit against Daedong. The lawsuit was drawn out over five years, but finally settled out of court in 2007 for undisclosed compensation."

    New & Used Heavy Equipment Daedong - RitchieWiki

    Daedong issued the following press release in 2007:

    "Kubota Corporation and Kubota Tractor Corporation, on the one hand, and Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd. and Daedong-USA, Inc., on the other hand, have settled the lawsuit that was pending between them in Federal District Court in Fresno, California.

    The lawsuit alleged, among other things, that certain aspects of the appearance of Daedong。ッs Kioti tractors infringed trade dress and other rights that Kubota asserted exist in Kubota。ッs tractors. Daedong vigorously disputed these allegations.

    Daedong wishes to once again inform consumers that there is no relationship between Kubota and Daedong or their respective products. Kubota and Daedong are completely separate companies, and there is no manufacturing or engineering relationship of any kind between Kubota and Daedong. Accordingly, neither company。ッs dealers are obligated to honor warranties on the other company。ッs products, and neither company authorizes its parts to be used on the other company。ッs tractors.

    Other terms of the settlement are confidential."

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    Default Re: Who makes tractors?

    There are different types of patents, two of being them Utility Patents where somebody is patenting an invention (about 90% of the patents issued) and design patent where somebody patents trade dress, appearance, etc. It appears that kubota thought Daedong's tractors looked too much like a Kubota. Something a company needs to be aware of is that if they know somebody is infringing on their property, even trade dress, and doesn't take action then they may lose their rights. At Cat we were told to inform legal of anything we find where somebody used a Cat identification slightly modified and without license. Cat makes an incredible amount of money from licensed merchandise. I was told that at the Bauma machinery show several years ago they grossed over $400,000 in merchandise sales alone - boots, jeans, caps etc. The profits they make from Cat Racing merchandise every year more than pays the sponsorship of their Sprint Cup car which is several million. So Kubota would have an obligation to sue Daedong if they felt there was an infringement.
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    Default Re: Who makes tractors?

    Quote Originally Posted by MHarryE View Post
    There are different types of patents ... somebody patents trade dress, appearance, etc. It appears that kubota thought Daedong's tractors looked too much like a Kubota. .... So Kubota would have an obligation to sue Daedong if they felt there was an infringement.
    Big techs buy little techs to acquire patents and then sue for infringement to make a quick buck. Mac sets the bar & sues Samsung pretty much for making their phones rectangular with a screen on the front... (??????) To some of us all orange tractors look alike, but I see now why there's aren't many makes painted green. Gives brand loyalty a new look then, doesn't it?

    Turns out that many of us have "Heinz 57s" no matter whose cap & T-shirt we wear. Doesn't make choosing a brand any easier when parts are sourced from all over, so mebbe it's more about the label than the content to consumers. Isn't modern marketing great? On machining (metalworking) forums not much is said about South Bend now sourcing so much of their line, once proudly American made, from Asia.

    As much as I preferred (and paid for, last week) a NH/Shibaura vs a NH/LS for the features/ergonomics I hope I don't regret the decision. So far I still think I chose the right dealer but that may change depending on how many days later he delivers my new 'mutt'.

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