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    Default Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    Is there a web site or somewhere on this forum this has non biased comparisons ?

    Looking for something that highlights differences in brands.

    Currently considering a new kubota L3800 with cab which of course the Kubota dealer says is a better choice than a JD or Kioti.
    My problem is when going from dealer to dealer it's tough to weed out what one brand offers that is better (or not) than the next brand I look at.

    My uses: 55 acres of which 20 are maintained as lawn, horse pasture, may consider adding pasture with new machine.
    Also, driveway is 1/2 mile long and has been tough to plow or maintain with my Old Yanmar 336D which was a beat to the pulp ex Uhaul rental 15 yrs ago.

    Really into a cab model. If mowing in open air allergies wipe me out for a day or two.

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    If you want a good tractor get a Deere 4520 or 4720 with cab, these are sealed up pretty tight. I have five Deeres' but don't consider myself biased, just old and wise.

    Seriously look for about 50 ptohp and a wide grooming mower to save you some time.

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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    If you are truly an unbiased buyer...You seem sage enough to already understand the obvious mechanical differences between similar models of different brands...So what it really boils down to is which tractor fits you best and which one you feel most comfortable with at the controls...try all the ones that fit your needs and you decide...don't be influenced other opinions/preferences...
    Slash Pine
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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    Um. other than some 3rd party item, just where are you going to find an L3800 with a cab.? There is no such factory animal that I know of.

    James K0UA
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    Good luck. Pretty hard to get an unbiased opinion. To start with, I agree with jenkinsph, you really need something up in the 50hp range. Unless you just have time to waste, start looking at bigger tractors. If money isn't a problem, look at the 4000 series Deeres and the bigger kubota Grand L series tractors. If you are on more of a budget, then look at the Korean made tractors, Kioti, LS, TYM. Honestly they all have good machines. Some may fit you better than others. Some of what Deere and Kubota charge you for as options, the Korean tractors have as std equipment.

    I don't know about you, but if I had that much mowing to be done very often, I would be looking at something that would handle a mower 12' or bigger without any problems. But that may just be me.

    For your driveway, get something like this to maintain it. Nothing works as good as a land plane grader blade (LPGB) to maintain a drive.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    Here is a link to a survey I have posted in another thread, but it may help you.

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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    Quote Originally Posted by k0ua View Post
    Um. other than some 3rd party item, just where are you going to find an L3800 with a cab.? There is no such factory animal that I know of.

    James K0UA
    To the OP.
    Do you want a cab? If you want a cab you are looking at a much shorter list of tractors.

    James makes a important point here. Some tractors don't offer a cab option. Unless you just want a soft cab for winter operation, I would think that a factory cab would have more to offer than aftermarket.

    For the amount of mowing your looking at and especially if you do want a cab I'd think about 45-50 + HP.
    You made no mention of what type of drive (HST, gear) your looking for. That also reduces the list. Some utility size tractors cost less than CUTS, but may not offer the same options.


    Duh, sorry I somehow missed the "Really into a cab model" line in your original post.
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    Default Re: Any good non biased tractor comparisons out there?

    I would get to know the dealers, and see if they truly will take care of you, and if they allow it, get to know the guys in the trenches; the mechanics, it may cost you a box of donuts, but if you can get a look through the shop, and take in the attitudes of the staff, and look around at any particular models they are working on and why may help. It is a commitment, on both parties I have owned some tractors longer than I have had some marriages, it's all a relationship thing, sometimes good, sometimes not. With my local dealer, they seemed to have dropped the ball on My M108 purchase, but after a "closed door " meeting things were resolved, everyone was happy, they had one less salesman. ( whom I think hated his job) and since then I have purchased quite a bit of equipment. But every visit I make to the dealership, I always pop into the shop to visit the guys in the back, It certainly makes a difference when you need something in a hurry, and they seem to go the extra mile, amazing what a donut will do...



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