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    Default Re: Kubota m7040 vs kioti rx6010

    Hi all

    I have a Kioti RX6010C. Got it last year. Kioti didn't copy the kubota. Daedong (i.e. Kioti) have been making tractors for decades and you can see how all manufacturers have evolved their products over time. Kioti is certainly new to the US but not in other parts of the world. Quality wise I think both are excellent but I'd agree Kubota will maintain it's value longer as it is known better and has a good reputation which takes years to build up.

    Now what is it like; quality is excellent. I was actually tossing up my Kioti vs a Case Max Farm. Gears; In Aust we don't get the power shift, we get the one where you still have to press the clutch but it's real easy. I got used to it quick and I have been an automatic car driver for decades :-) One difference too is that mine has a dry clutch, the power shift version has a wet clutch which would have been thousands more. The gear changes are smooth, 12F and 12R. It has diff locks and 4WD. The cab is nice and roomy. Engine layout is good, all seems quite accessible. A month ago I pulled a truck with a 20ft tray bed and a 20ft trailer attached out of the mud with ease. So far I have 40 hours on it.

    But as someone said - get a go of both and decide. You will probably like one over the other for some reason.


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    Default Re: Kubota m7040 vs kioti rx6010

    Kioti has been in the U.S. market for over 30 years. Hardly a new kid on the block. Lacking widespread dealerships for sure, but getting better in this area.... slowly.

    When I compared, the Kioti quality seemed to be just as good if not better in some parts. However, in the past Kioti has had problems with outsourced parts on some models. They have mostly corrected those issues and when they occurred, Kioti stood by the owners, making it right by replacing/repairing the inferior part with an improved one. I'm sure all there are similar stories for all mfrs. kubota does seem to make more of their own parts, which inherently gives them better quality control.

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    Default Re: Kubota m7040 vs kioti rx6010

    kubota & Kioti (Daedong) both make good tractors.

    For various reasons, including unsuitable applications/spec comparisions, we don't operate on our farms any Kubota farming tractors so our recent Kubota ownership experience is conifined to sub c.20hp where all have been exclusively used in lawn maintenance/garden tasks.

    The Daedong DK1002 100hp we recently purchased for our farms as an initial "brand" evaluation/trial unit (as an alternative/relacement to more mainstream brands which we have become increasingly dissatisfied with) has in c.5months raked up c.400hrs hard yards of (ab)use with our emplpyee operators - no complaints & importantly no downtime/failures - check out this link if you require more details
    Yes, I'll have no hesitation investing more money where my mouth is & we will be buying more Kioti/Daedongs this year - in my humble opinion, for our applications/this HP range, there's nothing that comes close to their overall value equation as a utility type tractor, combining performance & build quality in a well priced package with superior customer service.

    We learnt a long time ago that commercial sense & maximising profitability of farming operations aren't contingent upon brand alliance/allegiance.

    So it's interesting to see perceptions continuing like "Kioti's being a poor man's Kubota", I recall similar sentiments too when Kubota "upsized" from CUT's in our market & was perceived as the poor man's choice (in lieu of American/European brands) - oddly enough it was the likes of IH, Ford, Case, Massey Ferguson, Fiat, Allis ...etc who either became defunct or merged with other tractor brands to survive..... Look at vehicle brand volumes to see how the Koreans have rapidly increased global market share on the back of almost unbeatable value equation/volume production costs on "no-frills" products (just like the Japanese did to establish themselves in the 60's/70's) & they're doing the same with forklifts, earthmoving equipment, tractors...etc.

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