Been reading what I can find and I am getting closer to buying my first project tractor. Found these two models in my price range and trying to make a decision. Any input would be appreciated, but what I am hoping for is a comparison of what I will have at the end of the project. Tractor will be worked for bushog, grading the driveway, garden, and general small farm tasks like fence construction and will be dragging some logs. We own 20 acres and some of it is rather steep. Mostly flat on the bottom and top but has a good grade between.

They both seem to be close in horsepower, both have hydrolics but the 504 specs a higher gpm flow. The 504 is the older of the 2 for sure and the TA is a big question mark for me. If it functioned properly and wasn't to expensive to get/keep working it sounds like a benefit.

The 504 says it is and independent pto where the 240 says 2 stage clutch. I would think the independent would be prefered.

The only thing that gets my attention is the 504 is a "high clear" which to me says higher center of gravity. That would make a big difference running the bushog on the grade. The 240 looks lower and more stable.

Both are diesels. Not certain what difference will be on the transmission. Parts and rebuild kit availability, etc.

Anyone have any red flags to look at on either one of these machines as a project then working tractor?

Thanks in advance.