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    Default Ford 1100

    How efficient would a ford 1100 2wd be with a 4ft tiller, 4' scraper blade, and 4' bushhog? I'm thinking its too small but the guy that owns it trying to sell it to me swears it handles it without a hitch. Figured I'd research a little before I waste an hour drive to see it fail or maybe be proven wrong. In thinking the bush hog will for sure be an epic fail.

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    Ford 1100


    Got my 4WD 1100 last year with FEL, tiller, cultivator, disc, shredder, plow, tiller, etc. It is one tough little tractor. But 4WD makes a huge difference in any sort of loose soil (garden), loading the FEL (wood mulch), moving snow (back blade).
    I don't know if using the differential lock in 2WD would make up for the lack of 4WD; I haven't tried it.
    I love this tractor and can't believe the work I can get done with such a small tractor (its a diesel, maybe they all are). But I'm sure glad I've got the 4WD for the work I do. Only way I could afford to become a tractor owner. $5500 for everything, the tractor had 303 hours when I bought it. Hope this info helps a bit.

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    Default Re: Ford 1100

    The 00 series were good tractors. But I think the 1100 would be happier with a 3ft mower or 3ft tiller. I run a 4ft tiller on my Ford 1600. And it can make the front end bounce around sometimes. 2wd tractors are certainly worth something. But a diff lock will never match 4wd. With wheel weights and chains, the 2wd could be usable.

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