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    Default Sellers Market on CUT\'s for 2003

    When you see the CUT market is up 22.8%, 2003 YTD Sales Figures , this means that sales are red hot. Last year was a record year and now sales are up 22.8%. Prices likely now are closer to MSRP because of supply and demand. When an industry has that much increase in one year, most of the MFG can not produce enough supply for the market. Wholesale prices will rise next year but likely retail prices will stay close to the same, less money for the dealers. IMO look for CUT sales to go back to 2001 levels which is still good. Some MFG's will over produce and likely there will be some deals out there late in next years selling season. An opinion is just that and not a fact. I sure would not have predicted the increase we have had so far this year.

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    Default Re: Sellers Market on CUT\'s for 2003

    Thanks for the informative info. It is nice to have a dealer like you that help provide some insight .

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