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    Default buying 322 or 455

    Hi all I am currently in the market for a john deere tractor that will be used to mow .7 acre and plow a very large driveway. Growing up my dad had a 318 and later a 455 and I loved both of those tractors. I have narrowed it down and am currently faced with two options. First option is a John Deere 455 with 1800 hours on it. This is at a JD dealer and was a trade in from someone who worked at the dealership and has all service records. He is asking 3500 + tax which will take it to 3710. Second option is a John Deere 322 with 1100 hours and also comes with the 54 inch plow from a private seller for 2500. I am really leaning towards the 322 due to price but I really like the 455. However, honestly I probably don't need that big of a tractor. Any advice would be more than appreciated. Also, does anybody have an idea of how many hours the 322 yanmar usually is good for? thanks a lot

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    Default Re: buying 322 or 455

    Ive had a 455 for about 8 years now. Best mower I have ever owned. I would say 455 over the other if its a gas 322 and not a diesel 332 ....and offer 3500 OTD.
    With my 455 I can cut 3-4 times as much as I could with my 22hp gas burner on the same amount of fuel/gas which in savings will offset the $1000 price difference in the two you are looking at.
    Mine has 1400 hrs on it. I have seen them with as many as 4000 hours on them still going strong.
    The little yanmar powered equipment we have at work have as many as 7000 hrs on them.

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    Default Re: buying 322 or 455

    Both of your choices should work, but my vote is for the 455. To me, a diesel with 1800+ hours that has service records owned by a JD tech is worth the price difference. Also, the torque of a 455 diesel is worth the price when compared to a 322 gas engine. Another vote in favor of a 455 is the foot controlled hydro. Last, if you ever decided to upgrade in the future, you'll probably get most if not all the price difference back on trade value.

    I'm currently looking for a 455 so I can send my 345 up to the farm for my MIL to replace my old JD that she's currently using. The 455 series is still one of the best mowers JD has made.

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    Default Re: buying 322 or 455

    Don't overlook the 430. I have 3 of them and take turns mowing with them. The little yanmar diesels are tough and efficient to use. The 430 has low and high range, differential lock and individual brakes like the big tractors. Good machines and I like the way they look.

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