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    Default Kubota B 2920 vs B 3200 for road maintenance, snow plowing

    Hello everyone,

    Complete novice to tractors, but Im finally breaking down to buy one for my place. A little background of my property. It is 3.5 acres and about 1 acre of it cuttable. The house is a little slice of heaven sitting up on a hill with about a 1000ft of road, which is about a 35 degree grade. When we have heavy rain, the road washes out pretty well and I need to maintain it. Also, when we get snow, I need to have a strong machine to move it. Therefore, I'm looking for a tractor to move gravel up a 35 degree hill, able to plow it as well, and I like the MMM aspect since it will basically clear out my garage. I use a Polaris Ranger 800 to plow now, it works well but I need the versatility of a tractor to fix it at the beginning of spring and maintain thru the year.

    I have narrowed it to a kubota B2920 or B3200. I am leaning toward the B3200 for the simple fact it is bigger, heavier, and the 60" bucket is a little lighter cutting out additional weight in front and essentially evening it out when carrying extra loads. However, a friend of mine has a B2920 and he says with the ballast box I should be able to do everything I need with greater maneuverability. I did my homework on the vibration with the 3200 and felt a little more with it in the pedal, yet it didn't have anything attached to it so I cannot really say anything yet. If I did go with the 3200, I would have them set the correct timing. I know the specs, 3 vs 4 cyclinder, 29 vs 32 HP and 21 vs 23 PTO.

    I went and test drove both of them today and without plowing straight into a gravel bed and rolling it up a hill, they really seem pretty similar. The turning radius on both were fantastic in my eyes. My yard is pretty tight though.

    I just don't know which to go with, so being a man brought up mostly by women I need to be told what to do.

    Would appreciate any advice.

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    Default Re: Kubota B 2920 vs B 3200 for road maintenance, snow plowing

    I was in the same boat as you. I looked at both and I bought a B3200 last fall. My wife wasn't too enthusiastic about it until we get the storm of the century in early February. I usually plow our driveway with our Yamaha Rhino UTV (6 foot plow blade), but with 36 inches of snow on the ground the Rhino wouldn't go more than a couple feet out the garage door. I fired up the B3200 (I've got a 60" bucket on it) and cleaned our driveway, my son next door and an elderly lady who lives up the road whose house is about 400 feet back from the road. It took me a couple hours to dig her out, but I did it. The B3200 handled the snow with no problem at all. It took me a little while to figure out the best way to move such a massive amount of snow. I ended up pushing forward, lifting and dumping over the top of the pile. When the pile got to big to "roll" forward I scooped up the snow from the pile and dumped it off the side of the driveway. Someone else might have a better method but this worked for me.

    Since that snowstorm my wife has been telling everyone that she's glad I got the tractor.
    2012 Kubota B3200 FEL/BH w thumb R4

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    Default Re: Kubota B 2920 vs B 3200 for road maintenance, snow plowing

    I allways like to vote for the bigger tractor when givin a choice. I vote for the B3200.

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    Default Re: Kubota B 2920 vs B 3200 for road maintenance, snow plowing

    I have the 2920, and about 500' of drive....though I don't deal with washouts. We are situated in a way that I deal with 3'-4' drifts on about 75' of that drive, and I can easily handle that with the 2920. I'm sure it will do what you want, but if the size isn't a problem consider the 3200; more is always better. One suggestion: if you decide on the 2920, ask them about getting the next size up loader. That will give you more capacity and the 60" bucket. Had I known they would interchange I would have done that on mine. I'm chasing around trying to get the 60" bucket now...though at a leisurely pace.

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    Default Re: Kubota B 2920 vs B 3200 for road maintenance, snow plowing

    Quote Originally Posted by mcrn77 View Post
    I'm looking for a tractor to move gravel up a 35 degree hill, ...
    You'll need tracks, not tires.

    Kubota B 2920 vs B 3200 for road maintenance, snow plowing-35degrees-jpg

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    After having a B7800. I vote for the the 3200 for the four cylinder and extra weight. But for mowing and without looking at your yard it would be hard to tell. The B2920 would also be a good fit for mowing.

    The four cylinder is a very strong engine. After having blizzards back to back several years ago. The B7800 did everything I asked of it. The only thing I wished for was a cab.

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