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    Default Advice on older used tractor to purchase

    New here and first post. Finally found our piece of paradise in Tennessee and hope to be making the move soon.

    Five acres. one wooded, maybe 3 of rough grass/weeds and one of rolling/hilly "lawn". Expect to be doing considerable landscaping and gardening but don"t want or expect a "manicured" estate. Five hundred foot dirt drive up a smallish hill-washes out some now, so will need to maintain that. Not sure about snow. Most info agrees no need to plow but some freak storms, but will be retired so probably will just let it melt. Rutledge, TN if anyone has input on that.

    Thinking a 25HP CUT with a MMM or 3PT finish mower and a small rotary mower for the rough stuff. Don't expect to need to cut heavy brush.

    $3-5,000 budget. I'm a decent mechanic and with help for the forums, feel I can fix almost anything if I can get the parts, so thinking local dealer support not that important.

    Also thinking small farm tractor with rotary cutter for the rough and dedicated lawn tractor for the lawn.

    There's a 1980 Long 260 on CL with some attachments. Any parts availability or others issues?

    Thanks for any input.

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    Default Re: Advice on older used tractor to purchase

    "older used". So you want a low $$$ tractor?
    There is low purchase price and there is low $$$ per hour of operation. While there are used machines out there with many hours left in the chassis. An older machine is a non stop visitor to the shop for a little thing here, something there, another thing broken/worn out here.
    By the time you take the used purchase price, a set of tires and clutch and engine work. You have spent the price of new tractor with warrenty. To have an old machine with the resale value of of an old used tractor.
    The choice is yours but at least take a walk through the locla dealership and find out what something new costs and figure what used is worth.

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    Default Re: Advice on older used tractor to purchase

    Well, I am in a similar situation with 7 acres, 5 "lawn" but rolling, and a 650 foot gravel drive. I would suggest 25-30 HP CUT, with a loader, a box blade, a finish mower and a brush hog. I currently have a kubota B1750 with a 5 ft finish mower and a 4 ft loader, a 4 ft box blade and a sander. I also have a Kubota L4330 with a 5 ft loader and a backhoe, and a rotary tiller. The small tractor is 21 HP and the larger one 40. I think you would be well served with one in between. Now, depending on how hilly your lawn is, you may want more HP. I am thinking I may sell the B1750 and get a B7800 or B3030 for mowing the lawn. One thing I will say is that turf tires are easiest on the lawn. I have R1 ag tires on the L4330 and they tend to tear things up when turning. OH, I also have a landscape rake, which I use to make the driveway look nice, but the box blade is all you really need to smooth, crown and eliminate puddles. Your budget may be a bit low.

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