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    Default It keeps getting bigger and more!

    Hi- This is my first post but I have been reading for days. Great education. I have 6 acres on a lake that I do landscaping and upkeep. Covered with St. Augustine and irrigated. I have 6 acres adjacent that I plan to clear over time and develop. I want to buy some acreage in the area. I have 3 kids under 7 and live in Houston and spent 2-3 days per week at the lake. I do not like asking my neighbor to brush hog or lift things all the time with his small farmtrac and want my own tractor. I'm a lawyer(don't hang up)who prefers the country and lake over Houston. I first looked at the L3200 and L3800. Great machines but have concerns. The lift capacity on my neighbor's loader is not enough sometimes and those seem to be comparable - about 1,000 pounds. I am looking at the MX5100. I am close to pulling the trigger when farmtrac neighbor said "that's way to much tractor." I need an auger, brush hog, box blade, loader and would like to grapple when I clear the land next year. The 0 % is attractive. I am ready to buy. The local dealer has both machines. I thought the r3 tires to save the grass and water or rim guard for the loader. I don't know if I should get the third valve now or defer to when I buy a grapple. Any advice or comments would be very appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!

    If you plan to mow lawn with the tractor, you want as small and light as possible that will also do your other chores. If not... then in my book you can't have enough lift in your loader. I am considering upgrading my CK30, 1100 lbs of lift, to a DK40, 2700 lbs of lift due to the fact I am tired of my CK not being able to lift a full bucket of dirt. kubota dealer tried to get me into a L4060, he said it was their closest tractor to the DK40. Well, it cost $8K more than the DK and the loader lifted 1000 lbs less... I passed on that. I only have 2 acres but a long 'honey do' list. If you are certain you are going to get a grapple, get the 3rd valve setup now and get it included in the payments. I suspect the MX5100 is probably larger than what you need, but chances are it will get the job done quicker, at an expense. All implements will be larger, take up more storage room and be more expensive. Transporting the tractor will be more expensive, if that need ever arrives, due to larger trailer and larger truck needed. It is all trade offs, time vs money vs needs.

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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!


    You can never have to much of a tractor, ignore your neighbors comment. Your future plans on extra acreage is dictating to you to get prepared for more seat time on a smaller tractor with less capacity or working smarter and not harder by having a tractor that can tackle extra acreage and larger implements to handle it. Case in point: neighbor has 27 acres has a 4' 3pt mower and a 27hp tractor. Took him 40 hrs to cut it. I have a 10' pull mower and would have it cut in 8 hrs or less. You decide what's best for you and have fun shopping. From what you posted be sure to have at least 2 remotes and look at other tractors for lifting capacity. Shuttle vs HST, Cab vs open station, dealer location, service history. I bought ours and never saw it or sat in a seat of my Mahindra. But did alot of line for line comparison of JD, kubota, NH and Mahindra before I purchased it. If any thing think forward and plan now for it.


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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!

    Get the tractor that will do the heaviest work that needs doing, then mow the lawn with a lawn mower.


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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!


    I believe that Jim's point about the smaller tractor is valid as far as "grass crushing" is concerned. However, there will always be a need, at some point, for more tractor. The trick here is to get the machine that will do 95% of the tasks you need done. If you get a 500 hp tractor with a loader that will lift a house, you will be covered...broke probably, but covered. The point is this is a compromise between cost and need.

    That being said, the Kioti DK40 is a nice machine. I know, I own one. It will come in under $25k with all the bells and whistles you want and is large enough to do most things. (probably even negotiate a grapple for that $$) After all, you are a lawyer!!

    Sounds like you need to establish the size of tractor you need, then go looking at the makes and models that meet that size requirement. Enjoy the research. My .

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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!

    I agree, forget what your neighbor says and go big. You will never regret having more loader capacity. Its nice to pull up to the trailer or the bed of the truck and lift a cube of brick, block, sod, retaining wall or whatever with ease (about 2000lbs/cube). You can move them wherever/whenever you want.

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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!

    I don't think a machine the size of an MX5100 is too big, at all. My LS is similar in size, a bit heavier in weight, has a few less horsepower, but can lift 200lbs more on the FEL (although to a lower overall height), and essentially the same on the 3pt. And, to give credit to LS, it was $21,500 delivered with FEL, dual remotes, work light, QA bucket, adjustable stabilizers and lift arms, and 7-pin trailer plug.

    I've maxed out the loader, and pulling capabilities, of it a number of times since I got it in January, and there's some stuff I haven't even bothered trying to lift because I know they're too heavy. If I had a machine with a loader that would lift twice as much, I'd probably be happier, but that would get expensive. Still, you can do a lot with a machine that can truly lift 2K of payload (since the weight of the bucket/forks count against total lift) do need a counterweight to be able to lift even close to the max weight.

    I cut the grass close to my house with a ZT, and do the bigger areas with a 90" finish mower on the back of the LS, and it works nicely. I've also helped my neighbor mow his runway (2000ft grass strip)....he has a 6' finish mower, and a 5' tag-along, so when we mow together, it's 18' wide!

    With R4 tires I haven't had a huge problem on the grass, but I do have to wait for it to be reasonably dry. If I took the FEL off, it would probably be even better, but that seems like more trouble than it's worth...usually just waiting another day or so is all it takes.

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    All I will say is that if you listen to these guys and get the idea that you should have a look at the DK SE series tractors, be prepared to be blown away. They are way nicer and usually way cheaper than the mx5100. Have fun shopping!

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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!

    I would go with a large compact and a separate mower type being dependent on your mowing needs. Neither is cheap but they will save you alot of time which will allow you to get more done in the precious time you have. Leaves you more time for the family too.

    A kubota 5740 cab and hst tranny come to mind, a good zero turn mower with a 72" deck would be good to mow with too.

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    Default Re: It keeps getting bigger and more!

    I agree with what most have said, you should probably go ahead and follow your gut instinct and get the bigger tractor.

    I must confess that I laughed twice as I read your post. The first time was when you confessed that you were a lawyer. The second was when your neighbor referred to a 5100 as being "way too much tractor." My 35 hp is my lawn mower. (I have a 6' finish mower on it for the summer) There is very little that I do that can be accomplished with that small of a tractor.
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