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    Default So many choices to buy...

    I have looked at kubota & Mahindra. Both look to be alright, but what do I know I am new to this.
    I have been reading a lot in these forums, y'all make good cases for tractors. I am a person that likes to buy a vehicle that will be with me forever. I HATE buying something then later after expanding the vehicle is no longer meets my demand.

    I have 9 1/2 acres 6 are cleared. The others are woods. Looking at adding acreage in the near future. I will be making pens for my chickens. I want to make myself a garden. Enlarging the existing pond on my property and cutting grass.

    Like all other newbies I ask for advice. What HP? 2WD or 4WD? Which transmission Shuttle or Standard? What Brand & why?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: So many choices to buy...

    Yes, you're right, there are so many choices. So far you've only looked at two, which is good, but only a start. Right now my preference is Kioti and LS. They both make very strong, heavy capable tractors with more features for less money. Fit and finish is excellent on both.

    Everybody here is biased, so take all advice for a specific tractor with a grain of salt, including mine. The most important thing is not to get focused on one brand or another without looking at everything available first.

    As far as Kioti goes, I would look at the DK line, either the DK40 or DK45, depending on price difference. From kubota, I would look at a L4240 (or maybe we're into the XX60 series now) or bigger. It's at that point you get a very strong loader that will compare to Kioti and LS. I don't know the models for all the other brands, but a tractor with 2500# lift cap. or more for the FEL is a good start, and that will be in the 40-50 hp range for most.

    Good luck.

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    Default Re: So many choices to buy...

    One of the first things a dealer will ask you and you need to ask yourself is what grass do you intend to mow? If yard grass once a week, then the answers will be different than for field grass mown three times a year. Do you have a lawn mower tractor now? If so, do you plan to keep it as a lawn mower?

    Buying and setting up a tractor is many compromises. A tractor can do many things pretty, but none perfectly unless dedicated for that task.

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    Default Re: So many choices to buy...

    When I was looking, I looked at Deere, kubota, Cub/Yanmar, and Massey. I didn't care for the NH, so I didn't even give them a look. Mainly because of the dealer. I was there with a friend who was getting parts for a baler we were working on, and I guess I didn't look like I had money..............So Massey Ferguson was more than happy to take 18,000 from me.

    No Mahindra, Kioti or Simplicity near me when I was looking to buy.

    MF GC2400, FEL, 60in.MMM, 5ft. Cultivator, Single Bottom Plow, Bush Hog RTC48 tiller, MF 2360 front mount snowblower, 5ft backblade. BXpanded Piranha toothbar.

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