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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Quote Originally Posted by HUCKthe1 View Post
    I am looking to buy a new tractor and have it down to two choices. I am not going to say which brands they are because I do not want to start a "this one is better" or "that one is junk war".

    Both new tractors are equipped very much the same. My two choices are close in horse power in Tractor "A" has 3HP more than Tractor "B". Dealer "B" is very close where Dealer "A" is 20 miles away. "A" has a few more bells and whistles than "B' but cost $1600 more for these plusses. I am favoring Tractor "A" a little due to these extras but wonder if worth the price. I have done the positive and negative list and it is a hard decision.

    This is a decision I have to live with for the next 10 yrs or longer. Just looking in how to make the call. I doubt the wife will let me set foot on a tractor lot again after I have drug her across the state to more than 15 lots trying to find the perfect tractor to fill all our needs. She loves that I make her get on everyone of them too. I tell her she will be driving it too but she is indifferent.

    Do I go for more HP, bells and whistles or save the money?

    How do you know which one is the right one? This is worst than buying a new car.

    I appreciate your thoughts.
    The right one is the one that fits you and your wife. My decision came down to a couple of points in the end.

    Seat went farther forward on the Massey( my wife is 5' 2") And the 'left foot brake'. We both felt the need for a positive stop, without removing our foot from the hydro pedals. And the ergonomics were better for my wife. She has had 9 operations on her right arm/wrist(wrist is fused, and she is right-handed, and she has had 2 discs removed in her neck, with two fusions there also.

    I wasn't concerned at all for my needs. I can operate anything( I don't care what it is), and any of the ones we were looking at would accomplish the tasks we need done.

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    As a former dealer IMHO I would base the decision 100% on your experience with the dealer. Which dealer makes you more comfortable, will be there most likely long-haul, parts inventory ect. At the end of the day you will notice 3hp about as much as your wife would notice an extra inch. lol

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    I see I may have gotten confused. Easy to do with this A and B talk and not real models.

    A has the more power AND more features but cost $1600 for those two things. I guess is the 3hp and more features worth 1600 to YOU. Our opinions dont matter at this point. Cause obviously, some are going to like to save money, others are willing to spend more to get more, otherwise they wouldnt sell both models.
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    There's an old saying that you will remember the money you saved on a cheaper tool every time you use it.

    That's why I've always believed in spending the extra money to buy the right tool even though it may cost more. $1,600 is nothing over the life of the tractor. I would not let that influence my decision.

    Now, if the bells and whistles are just doodads that are useless to you, then that's another story altogether.

    3 more HP could make a difference depending on the size of the tractor. 20hp vs 17hp is a lot more significant than 53hp vs 50hp.

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Or you could go with your favorite color...

    WORRYING does not take away tomorrow's TROUBLES, it takes away today's PEACE.

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Quote Originally Posted by LD1 View Post
    B is more power and $1600 cheaper
    A is 1600 more and more bells and whistles but less power
    A actually has more power, and the bells and whistles....easy to miss if you read it quickly.

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Which one has more power?

    What are the bells and whistles?

    Which one do you like best?
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    When I was shopping for a (used) tractor I ended up compromising a little on HP...I ended up with a B1700 (17 HP)...I was originally looking for something in the 20-25 HP range...
    After working the tractor for several years I have yet to need more HP...What I really need is more weight...all the hp in the world is only as good as the traction you have...

    The OP does not mention specific "needs"... so it's hard to advise...but they (OP) should go ahead and state the brand/models so other readers can relate their experiences with either tractor...
    heaven forbid an orange versus green ETC. debate...
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Your right I need to tell my choices.

    I have been looking for a tractor with around 30 HP, had to have a FEL and MMM. I mow about 60%, move dirt 20%, and blow snow the rest.

    It has to be able to switch easily between the different tasks and I want this to be easy. My Boomer TC26 is a pain to change the deck out. My two choices were the JD 2032 and kubota 1920 (NH TC30 was just too heavy, Yanmar was uncomfortable to sit in, Kioti missing extras that I demanded, LS dealer too far away.)

    They are both really nice tractors. They both had the features I wanted and one of the reason it was so hard to decide. I liked the 3 speed transmission of the Kubota but disliked the need to take the front off and side covers to access the engine. It also had a small air filter and i can see that needing to be changed more ofter too. I like the protected hydraulic lines on the 1920 and the flat work platform. The JD has EZ mount for the loader and the drive over MMM deck. That was pretty much the deciding factor for me. Well that and the JD dealer offered me $1800 more for my trade than the Kubota dealer. The 2032R weighs about 500 lbs more too and that is always nice to have with the HP.

    The JD dealer almost lost the deal though. I finally talked my wife into stopping and seeing the tractor the other day and get her on it, as she is the one that mows the most. The two salesmen I had spoke to before were both busy but did not even look my way to offer me any assistance. The one was working on a $300 sale, which dont get me wrong he needed to help the people he was with but he could have multi tasked and offered the keys to me while we waited or said he would try to get to me in a minute. My wife and I finally left after 30 minutes waiting for someone to talk to us. I had her there and was ready to buy. Wife was upset and said if this is how they sell a tractor, service will be just as bad. I also never received a return call from them on my trade or when the 2032's did come in. I stopped to get this information and the salesman said he did see me and apologized for not being able to break away to assist us. If it was not for the features (bells and whistles), and the good trade in price, I probably would have gone straight with Orange.

    So I picked the 2032R. It has 3 hp more, has the EZ connect FEL, MMM, and has a quick connect front bucket too on FEL arms. I also opted for the rear hydraulics so I can add a Hyd Top Link later. For the $1600 difference I think it is my best choice. So I will be changing my profile photo here in a few weeks when the new boy arrives. I am going from blue to green. Just seems surreal. Can't wait for delivery day now.
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Sounds like you found the right tractor, congrats!

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