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    Default Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    I am looking to buy a new tractor and have it down to two choices. I am not going to say which brands they are because I do not want to start a "this one is better" or "that one is junk war".

    Both new tractors are equipped very much the same. My two choices are close in horse power in Tractor "A" has 3HP more than Tractor "B". Dealer "B" is very close where Dealer "A" is 20 miles away. "A" has a few more bells and whistles than "B' but cost $1600 more for these plusses. I am favoring Tractor "A" a little due to these extras but wonder if worth the price. I have done the positive and negative list and it is a hard decision.

    This is a decision I have to live with for the next 10 yrs or longer. Just looking in how to make the call. I doubt the wife will let me set foot on a tractor lot again after I have drug her across the state to more than 15 lots trying to find the perfect tractor to fill all our needs. She loves that I make her get on everyone of them too. I tell her she will be driving it too but she is indifferent.

    Do I go for more HP, bells and whistles or save the money?

    How do you know which one is the right one? This is worst than buying a new car.

    I appreciate your thoughts.
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    My thoughts.. Horsepower, never hurts.. and what are the " bells and whistles".. Some folks here call things like telescoping lower links and sway bars "bells and whistles". Nothing could be further from the truth. They are very very useful features for most people. Is a suspension seat a "bell or whistle?" I think not after a day mowing. Speaking of mowing all day.. If these are hydro-static transmission equipped tractors, then Cruise Control is FAR from being a "bell and whistle" It is almost essential. The only feature on my deluxe tractor, that I consider a "bell or whistle" is the horn. I have never used it except to test it. The squirrels and rabbits were not impressed!

    My point is, one mans geegaa is another mans essential feature.

    James K0UA
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Which one feels right? Now that its down to two, sit on both and see if one is ergonomically better. Over the next ten years, the difference is not huge. Close your eyes, picture each and assume they are both the same price. Now...which one do you want?

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    I can appreciate your situation. I have bought 2 new tractors in the last 5 years.

    First, I would need to know what size tractor we're talking about. I'm not trying to start the brand war you were trying to avoid, but let me name names just for a minute. My last purchase was the JD 5085M. I was ready to buy one of three: the JD, a NH, or a kubota. I need a good size, higher hp, MFWD tractor to do my "heavy" work, like bale hay, renovate my hay meadows, pull my 13' tandem disc, etc. And, I wanted a cab with a really good A/C. It gets HOT down here in the summer. I eliminated the Kubota, because the same class tractor weighs almost 2000 pounds less than the JD or NH. And, basically weight x hp = pulling capacity. Plus, I would have to add rear ballast to handle the same load on the FEL. So, it was down to blue or green. I had the opportunity to go to Brinkley Auctions They had a 5075M, a TN75 (now a T4030), and a M8540 sitting side by side by side. I was able to go from one to the other and directly compare the features. The green tractor won because of the cab. The JD cab is more spacious (I'm a big ol' boy) and the A/C is amazing. Even with outside temps of over 100 degrees, you don't have to run it on high. It will freeze you to death. Plus the 5M had features like the electo-hydraulic 3pt hitch with outside fender-mounted controls and the E-PTO.
    When I was looking for an open-platform tractor 5 years ago, my basic needs were different, and I felt like the NH was my choice. I think I made the best decision in both cases, and I'm still happy with my choices.

    But, generally speaking, for me the big questions would be:
    What am I expecting this tractor to do? (factors include size and weight, lift capacity, hydraulic capacity, etc)
    Operator comfort and convenience. (easy to reach controls, seat comfort, and stuff like telescoping lift arms, etc)
    Dealer support. (does this brand have a good dealer network for parts and service, or will I have to wait 3 months for a part? Stuff happens. You will eventually need parts and you will definitely need filters, etc)

    As you've discovered, it's a lot more complicated than that, but I hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    I spent many months researching and going to different dealers regarding makes and models. My final decision was related to my current and future needs. The proximity of the Dealer and the Service Department also played a role. They are many variables involved in making any major purchase. Best wishes.
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    A based on your info.

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    A good tractor will never see a service department.

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    If you don't get the bells and whistles, there will come a time you wish you had them.....20 miles isn't very far. $1,600....not THAT much more. 3 more HP......always good. Easy choice!

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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    B is more power and $1600 cheaper
    A is 1600 more and more bells and whistles but less power

    Kinda depends on what you want to do with the tractor. PTO stuff likes HP. General ground work...power isnt such a factor as traction is, and weight = traction.

    Loader lift capacity, weight, tire size IMO are all VERY important depending on what you want.

    20 miles away is nothing.

    So its hard to say without knowing the exact make/models you are comparing. Only you can answer if power and cheaper are more important than extras...
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    Default Re: Down to 2. Which to purchase?

    Go with Tractor "A"
    "A" has 3 More HP

    "A" has More Features (not a Horn like K0ua says) but functional items that make things easier/nicer, etc. It's $160 a year and you will always remember those things if you go with "B".
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