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    Default branson 2400 experiences

    hello all I currently have a 2000 kubota b7500 hst i would like to get something newer, and have been looking at the branson 2400. A dealer by me has 3 new ones for $9500 with the 00 loader, but they are not hydros and I think they are not shuttles or synced gears. Anyone have this exact machine, I just want some input, cause i called a few dealers and of course one said w/o the hst that model is a pos and he doesnt even sell them, he wants another 2k for the hydro, so just dont want to sell the old kub for a newer model and be unhappy. I only have a few acres to cut, small yard chores and snow to plow with this machine.

    Thanks for the input.

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    I know which Branson dealer doesn't sell the gear drive models and he's a real straight shooter, no bs kind of guy. With that said, a gear drive tractor would be just fine for light yard chores, and long snow plow runs. However, I'll bet you'll always be thinking of that $2000 when you are trying to maneuver in close quarters, or finesse the loader bucket near an obstacle.

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    I just bought the Branson 2800H and am glad that I did. I struggled with going with the 2400 or the 2800 and with the manual or the hydrostat for a month and finally decided on the 2800 with hydrostat. I love it. Plenty of power and the 2800 has the turbo-charged engine which really makes a difference in the power when needed. Also the new models of the series are coming with a heavier duty loader. The new loaders lift 1000 lbs. instead of 750 lbs. I only have 5 acres to take care of in Florida but when I'm doing something on the tractor and I have to watch things closely it is so much easier to just move my foot from pedal to pedal and not have to find the clutch pedal and the gear shift. I know that you will be kicking yourself for not going up that extra little bit.

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    I also have a 2400H with the heavier 1200X FEL and MMM. With the manual transmission you do not have a live PTO so every time you want to change directions or shift gears while mowing the mower deck will stop and start. I suspect that and fine work with the FEL would be the two biggest problems wit ha manual transmission.

    Note: I have around 78 hours on my 2400H estimate 1/2 of that mowing and the other half FEL use.
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