I started my bush hog on the 4010 this afternoon. Got a grinding noise in the differential/hydraulic area below the seat. No hydraulics work at all. The universal joint between the engine and the differential/hydraulic area is fine. Gotta be inside the thing. Got hydraulic fluid showing on the dip stick.

My neighbor came over and towed the tractor to the front garage turnaround area where the dealer can pick it up Thursday afternoon. I'd warned my wife that I wanted to trade for a new tractor next year. Might be time to do it this year.

Looks as though a 1023 would be a replacement for my 4010 and a little bit lower to the ground for more hill stability. Looks as though they moved the hydraulic cooler to in front of the radiator where it is on the 4010. So, that issue is not there, as it was with the 2210 and 2305.

Any more comments? I'd probably go with a new loader and 4 ft bush hog. Will keep my back blade, carryall and McKissic Chipper/shredder.

Anyone know what the load capacity of the front end loader is? Looks as though it is 49 inch vs. 53 inch on my 410 loader.

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