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    Default Unusual choir for a compact tractor

    I recently purchased a 50 foot towable boom lift (think of a boat trailer only heavier, 4,400 lbs) to do some work on my home. Now I need some type of tractor to tow it around the house. The land around the house is flat but there is a hill going down the driveway. The hill is about 70 ft long and down grades about 8 feet onto a state highway. I have to drive down the driveway to get to the front side of the house.

    How big of a tractor would I need to Stop the lift from pushing it down the hill?
    How big of a tractor would I need to pull the lift up the hill?
    I've looked into the older Lo-boys and Case but have been questioning the size, and hydraulic transmissions, would they be capable, durable and haul the lift?

    Not a lot of $$ left in the budget, any advice from the experts would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Unusual choir for a compact tractor

    I don't know the compacts, but if they're anything like older utility tractors, braking is not a strong suit.

    Esp. if you are on a tight budget, if this is most/all you need to do with the tractor short term, I'd beg/borrow/pay a neighbour to move it for you. Aside from tractors, almost any full-size 4wd pickup would do, 2wd if the terrain is moderate.

    If you are looking still, has basic spec data, by model.

    Rgds, D.

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    Default Re: Unusual choir for a compact tractor

    Aside from asking a neighbor or a friend, if it's a one-time project, why not see if there's a rental yard nearby with something that would do the job? If buying something is the only recourse, your most frugal option will be finding an old 2wd ag-utility tractor with enough weight to handle the boom lift. You'd want to check the brakes, of course, but you should be able to go slow enough that things don't get out of hand. The hill in front should be no problem if you are going up and down when it's dry; you'll want to avoid going sideways on the hill to avoid tipping over and don't pop the clutch half way up or down the hill!

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    Heck, I moved one of those around with an Acadia. Not a huge deal. Anything that weighs as much or more than the lift will do fine.

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