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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.

    Its hard to choose sometimes... But I've learned to not go cheap on the attachments if possible. If I were buying new implements now, they all would quick hitch compatible too. Getting a quick hitch from the start makes life much easier. I don't hesitate to swap out my hipper, the back blade, box blade and etc. Its so nice to just back up and drop the plow without getting off the tractor. And always get the HD QA bucket and some forks if you can.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.

    I'm late to the party, but I have a 1635 with 250 +/- hours and it has been great. Nothing to complain about. I'm pretty sure you will love it.

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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.

    I have a 1643 (not exactly what you are looking at) and I've been very pleased with it. Like others here say, make sure you get the SSQA..I swap attachments constantly. I can't comment on kubota, since at the time I was comparison-shopping the local Kubota dealer was uninterested in selling me a tractor.
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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.


    Well, it's been 9 months and 100 hrs since I purchased my Massey 1635. kubota was the only brand I considered when I started searing for a CUT, but close dealer proximity and value led to my purchase of the 1635.

    Initial impressions;

    So far, I am very pleased with this tractor. Other than a loose battery cable, the tractor has been not had a single issue.

    It handles a 6' rotary cutter quite easily, even in tall, somewhat wet field mowing. FEL/hydraulics are very powerful (within reason), but then, I don't believe in abusing machinery. Was not able to lift a big heavy concrete slab, but that was an unrealistic expectation on my part.

    My neighbor has a deere 3038e with a very smooth running Yanmar. The Deere looks significantly less robust and lighter at first glance. Admittedly, I have never compared stats that closely. He did pay a fair bit more than the 1635. He is very satisfied with the Deere after 2 years of heavy use.

    Anyway, I'm starting feel better about purchasing the Massey even though it was against my better judgement. Growing up with an extremely reliable Kubota left a positive lasting impression. Actually, that tractor is still going strong 4000 + hrs later, maybe a little tired.

    If the Massey starts falling apart you will hear about it loud and clear on this forum. However, I really don't see that happening after spending some time on a the machine. Although 100 hrs does not a reliable machine make, LOL. I would encourage any die hard Kubota fans like myself not be afraid to give the Massey a look.

    Thanks again to everyone on TBN for sharing their knowledge and advice.
    Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.-img_20131130_130446_729-jpg

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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.

    Ziggy thanks for reporting back at the hundred hour mark.. keep on letting us know how you are doing. I believe you got a very good full featured tractor for a very good price. I know you will appreciate all the nice and useful features that beautiful machine has.. happy tractoring.
    James K0UA

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    Default Re: Kubota L3800 vs Massey 1635 ? Please help me make the right decision.

    About two weeks late and $5 short for my input. I had a different, yet similar dilemma to ponder. My first tractor at the name state is/was a MF1529. I used it, almost abused it. Scrape, dug, lift, pulled, you name it, I tried it. Not having no prior tractor experience did not sway me when it came to picking brands. I looked and specs, price, and most importantly, the build of the tractors. For the price and features, the MF 1529 fit all my needs for the five years I had it. As with anything a man buys, he will upgrade...and that is what I did. Now a proud owner of an MX5100, I did not realized what a larger tractor had to offer.

    Like I said, I that MF. Really consider a MF1600 series as an upgrade. Features and price were good, when compared to the Grand series. When drove a couple of kubota's around, I was trying to convince myself that the MF might be somehow better. Still now I ponder if I made the right choice in getting a Kubota. I think there is no bad tractor, just a better one that you always want. Had a MF1529 that did everything I needed and more, but had to upgrade to an MX5100 and now I am thinking I would like one of the true M-Series with a cab.

    With my short and limited experience with owning a tractor, a running tractor is a good tractor. Use what you got for as long as you can and if you have to, you can upgrade to what you need. The one thing that nobody ever mention, is that these tractors, especially the big name one will hold their value. After a few years of use and better understanding of what you need in a tractor, trade it in for what you want. That's what I plan to do another five years from now.

    Congratulations of the MF.
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