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    Default BX1800 vs Cub 5234D

    I am looking at 2 used tractors. I would love to buy new, but the cost is prohibiting me. I am looking at a 2003 kubota BX 1800 with a Loader and 54" MMM for $7800. I took a look at it already and it looks good. Its got about 700 hours on it. I have also seen a 2004 Cub Cadet 5234D with a loader and a 60" MMM. The Cub is about 1500 more and with a dealer so I would have to pay tax. But just looking for an overview and thoughts on both. I cant find alot of info on the Cub so I am leaning toward the BX. Please any thoughts are welcome

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    Default Re: BX1800 vs Cub 5234D

    Not sure about the BX value, but I would say the Cub @$9300 is way overpriced. You could get a newer and better Cub Yanmar sc2400 for close to that price. I've owned a few of the 5234's, and while I didn't have any problems with them, several other folks have had issues. The tranny is not built for using the loader to full potential.
    I would lean towards the BX or keep looking.
    Good luck searching, and to TBN!

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    Default Re: BX1800 vs Cub 5234D

    I have also heard that some of the 5000 cubs were problematic. Out of those 2 I would learn towards the BX. I am not really sure what that BX would be worth.

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    Default Re: BX1800 vs Cub 5234D

    Walk away from the Cub...........very fast.

    Cub Cadet went out of business several years back.........and Yanmar picked it up, then discontinued Cub and introduced theirs.

    The Cub you are looking at has a Daihatsu engine. I am unfamiliar with that name and parts may be an issue(I dunno)(and I don't know who manufactured the rest of the tractor). I would buy the BX if that was all I had to choose from.

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