While there are many tractors of a size, price and age that would be near perfect for you, almost all are due for clutch and major engine rebuild with rare exception. Either find one that has had a verfiable professional rebuild or negotiate that in the purchase.

Models to search for are John Deere 1010, 2010, 1020, 1520, 2020, 2520. International Harvester 424, 444, 454, 464, 504, 560. You need to find one with a front loader already on it. Buying a new loader to fit an old tractor, while doable, is costly($4000 for loader). Any tractor that you find must have the three point hitch, hydraulics, live pto already there. It is difficult and very costly to find and add these assemblies.

Rear tires are very expensive ($400-500 each), so look for a tractor that has useable rear tires.

As others have said, it may well be better, cheaper and easier to purchase newer equipment. As jenkinsph wrote, hire the fertizing and liming.