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    Default Re: OMG, Just can't decide on a tractor

    I started out looking at a LS R3039H and SCUTs from a recommended dealer ~ 40 miles away early this spring. One of the reasons I was looking in this class of tractor was for trailering. Did a lot of tractor riding, comparing in person and on the Internet. The experienced folks on TBN answered all of my questions very succinctly and helped guide me to the next size larger tractor for my stated needs, along with upgrading my implement choices for my very rocky, hard clay property.

    I then moved my sights up to the minimal price increase between a R3039 to a R4041, that gave me more hydraulics, foldable ROPS, more power, more weight, etc. And with the HST using more horsepower than a geared tractor, I then decided to move up a bit more to a R4047 to ensure I had the power required. As I was told many times on TBN, one never hears complaints about having too much power

    Along the way I discarded Yanmar and Mahindra for various reasons and gained Kioti as a contender. After upgrading all of my components, based upon advice from TBN members, I ended up with a 7300 pound tractor, including a 710# box blade, loaded rear tires and rock grapple bucket. I am not able to tow this rig so will rent a tow setup for the one time move from my home to my retirement property I am clearing. My dealer is 150 miles away. I am confident I purchased a reliable brand of tractor and implements and am not concerned about warranty issues. Of course, that could change one day...

    In the end, I decided that tractor and implement performance would be with me for a VERY long time and greatly overshadowed my towing and not expected dealer warranty service. I purchased equipment that is probably one grade/size larger than necessary, that will almost guarantee me reliability in the long run and ease of use on a daily basis, which are my priorities.

    I have a pin on button someone gave me once and it matches my personality: " A little overkill never hurt anyone ". That is how I do things as it gives tends to give me long-term performance and reliability.

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    Default Re: OMG, Just can't decide on a tractor

    Quote Originally Posted by murphy1244 View Post
    My thing would be What dealers are within 50 miles of you?
    This is important. I went through this process about a year ago and ended up with a MF 1643...and the professionalism and courtesy of my local MF dealer played a big part in my decision. I was amazed at the lack of same from some of the other brands' dealerships in my local area, esp when someone comes around with cash in hand, ready to buy. *shrug*
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    Default Re: OMG, Just can't decide on a tractor

    Well folks, the deed is done. I am the proud new owner of a kubota 3800 HST, FEL, Cruz, LP Box Blade and Shredder, Wicked Grapple and Third Function kit. I take delivery at 1730 today of everything but grapple and TF Kit.

    I appreciate all the input and help in making this choice. It boiled down to a simple gut feeling that this was the right tractor for me. Although the Bota was not the most tractor for the dollar, it did rate the best among my criteria and that's why I went this route.

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    Default Re: OMG, Just can't decide on a tractor

    Congratulations on your new tractor.

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    Default Re: OMG, Just can't decide on a tractor

    Glad for you.

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    Default Re: OMG, Just can't decide on a tractor

    Congratulations! That grapple is going to be the best investment you've ever made with a tractor! You will be amazed at all the work you'll get done.
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