I have a 2003 kubota B7500 (650 hrs) 60 MMM, FEL, Rotary Tiller, 4Ft Brush hog, 5Ft Box Blade and was thinking of trading all of that for a new Kubota Zero Degree Mower.

I mow approx 4 Acres or should I say my wife does. She loves the little tractor for mowing but I think it would be a much quicker job with a zero degree mower. She was just recently diagnosed with MS and that makes working the clutch a little bit of a challenge. I thought a zero degree would require more arms than legs.

I have a L2800 Kubota with FEL, 60" RDM, Brush hog, Box Blade etc for it so I really don't need all the stuff with the smaller tractor.

Questions - What is the best Zero Degree Mower to look at? I know this will get various opinions so please state why you think your choice is best.

Any rough ideas what my package would be worth, tractor has had all maintenance and shows normal wear. I used it to clear my land a few years ago so the loader bucket has a few dings in it but not terrible. Box blade is missing 2 teeth. Tiller was purchased used and is an older unit with some minor leaks in seals but works great to break up garden a few times per year. MMM is in excellent shape, Brushog is in excellent shape except for minor bend in crazy wheel mount that needs a piece of steel welded in place to strengthen it, week design originally. Everything has been kept in shed and mowing deck is always cleaned after mowing. Turf Tires on rear, more aggressive bobcat tires on front. I was thinking around 10 to 11K for the whole package.. Does that sound about right?