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    Default Mahindra?

    I'm lookin for a 45-50 hp tractor with a fel and bush hog to do cleanup work on my 20 acres, it's between mahindra and kubota and im really leaning towards the mahindra because its heavier has more lift capacity and its cheaper. Can anyone give me some pros and cons on them

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    Default Re: Mahindra?

    Pros I found were what you stated. Really the costs are similar when outfitted equally and you go through a good dealer. Mahindra normally doesn't load their machines with a lot of bells and whistles that raise the cost, if you need the extras, they're available for an additional cost. All of the Kubotas I looked at in this range had extras that are nice if you need them, dual rear remotes for an example, but make up most of the additional costs you generally see on the lots. The Mahindras I looked at in this class came with one rear remote, second was almost a grand (which puts it closer to the cost of the comparison kubota). All in all, even when spec'ing them identically, the Mahindra is only slightly cheaper (unless you have one of the bad Kubota dealers that thinks like the bad John Deere dealers and think everything should sell at MSRP). Another one of the 'Pros' I found was some of the more routine part costs. Alternators and starters for the models I compared, Kubota was about 25% more expensive.

    In my opinion, it all came down to the weight of the machine for the dollar. I knew for my land, I needed as much weight as I could afford. The abilities of a tractor in my area are primarily reliant on weight, so any tractor that weighs more can do more work. Once I determined how much it would cost to outfit the heaviest thing I could afford, the way I needed, from each of the brands; I was down to LS and Mahindra.

    On the other hand, I would choose Kubota if I wanted a lighter weight tractor for most tasks and be able to weigh down as needed for larger chores. Just so happened I needed a heavy machine all the time, so I went Mahindra and couldn't be happier.

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