Hello All, new member here. I am looking at the smaller 4wd tractors on the used market & have came down to these 2 models. I have yet to look at either of these they are both 4wd with similar hours, but in general are the bolens iseki machines better overall than the yanmars? I have talked to both owners, the yanmar has a 2 cylinder engine & the bolens a 3 (which i would prefer). Have not seen the yanmar but have seen a picture of the bolens. From reading around on here it sounds like the yanmar is the older & has a decompressor of some sort to start it while the bolens has glow plugs. The bolens has a 48" belly mower. The only negative on the bolens is it has turf tires that probably are the original. The yanmar has good ag type tires, (roll bar & canopy, which is ok but not necessary). Right now i think i can get the bolens about 500 cheaper than the yanmar, but will need to put that in ag type tires on it & i am ok with that if it is an equal or better machine. I have no experience with either so don't really know much about them any help would be appreciated. I recently sold my 430 jd garden tractor to jump up to a 4wd cat 1 machine I can use more around my place. (sorry for posting this in 2 places) Thanks for any insight or experience with either machine.