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    Default Hustler raptor or husqvarna rz4222f or?

    I'm in the market for a new mower. First a little bit about what I mow.

    I have about 1 acre. About half a acre is a nice open field with a 30 degree sloop along the road. Then a quater is the front with one pole and again a nice slope along the road. I then have a side yard with 4 trees a shed that is got chain link fence around it. The chain link fence limits my deck size. I have 49 inches but like to give my self clearnce so i have been limiting my research to 42 in decks.

    I currently use a yard machine that has lasted about 4 years but the deck is beat up and has been repaired alot including new steal weleded in. The grass is just what ever grows. I use a DR trimmer on the really good inclines and in the ditch but like to keep the use of that to a minmium because I'm lazy is really the only reason.

    I'm wanting to buy a good dependable mower that will last but I'm not looking to break the bank. I have looked at Gravley and I love them but there HD model is a little more than I can afford and there lower model just doesn't seem to be quite enough mower for me. The two that I have found that I think would fit my needs are the Hustler Raptor and husqvarna rz4222f. I can get these both for about the same price but I'm having a hard time decideing. They are both fabrcated 11 ga decks. The husqvarna has the Briggs and the raptor has the kawasaki engine. The husqvarna as a 3 blade cut and the blade tip speed seems to be a little bit faster. I know normally the Husqvarna is more than the raptor but I can get a deal on it but also have to drive and won't be buying local but will be buying from a family member that has been in the business for a long time.

    So to my question is the Husqvarna the better mower? and also should I worry about warranty work locally if I buy from a none local dealer. And is there another mower out there I should consider? And is a zero turn even right for me or should I get a lawn tractor?

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    Default Re: Hustler raptor or husqvarna rz4222f or?

    I have some experience with the Raptor...don't know if this forum has a private message option or not but if you'd like to hear about my experience let me know...I think you'd find it very helpful in making your decision

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    Default Re: Hustler raptor or husqvarna rz4222f or?

    We bought the Hustler Raptor for mowing our yard. It is the 52" version and we love it. Good fuel economy (twice as good as our Snapper), good stability on hills, good reliability, and it significantly reduced our mow time versus the Snapper. We bought it when they first came out and have used it hard ever since. Check out the difference in the decks. The Husqvarna deck would have been badly damaged by us early on as we ran into rocks and such. The Hustler bounced and kept going with hardly a scratch. It took us some time to get used to the steering.

    I would suggest going with a more turf aggressive tyre than the one it comes with. This is our only regret and we will likely replace the rears this winter.

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