Welcome Jim,

I'm sure you will hear this point over and over again but I'll throw it out as well, coming from someone who at one time went through he same deliberations as you. Your dealer and service is something that should be very high up there on the wish list.

The reason why I own what I own it is mostly due to the dealer. The other dealers around here are XXX and YYY (you fill in the colors) and they didnít seem to care if they had my business or not. The YYY dealer told me up front, he would talk to me only if I was serious to buy, otherwise donít waste his time. My dealer lets me borrow used equipment on weekends to check them out. A good sales technique too. I bought a new Landpride brush hog after borrowing a used one. Iím using a PHD this weekend or next to see if it will work on my rock filled property.

My point is, although my bias is toward one color and I have been extremely happy with my purchace, check out the support thatís available. Iím sure there are great XXX and YYY dealers out there as well as lousy (my color) ones. My service and support has been great from one dealer. Heíll continue to get my business, even if he decides to switch colors.