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    Default Re: Help deciding between John Deere 5075E and Kubota M7040?

    The E series Deeres are all made in India. The 5085E and 5100E are assembled in GA. It was amazing that on the 5075E I nearly bought, even the injection pump was made in India... India was a British colony so it shouldn't be too bad.

    Up until yesterday, I was trying to decide M7060 or 5075E. The Deere comparison of these machines is misleading because some of the kubota info is incorrect or missing...

    On paper the machines are nearly identical. The kubota is larger - the height is more like the 5085E. The kubota is also wider. The JD has better FEL capacity but won't lift as high (kubota has height or power setting). Kubota has higher top speed and RPM limiter to save fuel. Kubota has tier IV engine, JD is interim tier IV. Neither require DPF. Turning radius is nearly identical. The Kubota has more PTO HP in the case of the 7060. The Deere uses heater grids for cold starting whereas the Kubota has glow plugs. The kubota cab has a door on both sides, this is an option with Deere as are locks. The kubota has push button 4wd whereas the Deere has a lever. The kubota has an extendable 3pt, you pay more for this with Deere. I think lifting capacity on the 3pt is higher with the Kubota - my notes are in my car...

    If you PM me your email, I will forward along my notes.
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