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    Default Very Appreciative of any Advice....Here is What I Have....Please Tell Me what I Need

    I have several small properties in the high desert area of Chihuahua bordering a year round river. I have built a home and the land is wonderful. I have planted 500 pecan trees in a field that borders the river. We rented a big machine to dig the holes and then planted them by hand. We have summer monsoons at which time every weed imaginable grows six feet high. We have March to June droughts. I have a nice spring-fed pond for irrigation and am putting in a system to irrigate the trees. It is a long rectangular property sloping down to the river. The trees are all in.....I need to keep the field clean and nice looking to keep up with the Mormon and Mennonite farmers of our area! I also have several other fields in other areas that are maybe 3-4 acres each in which I want to plant frijoles or alfalfa. Our winters are very cold....nothing grows at all. I have another 100 or so fruit trees and I need to mow grass and weeds around them and generally on the property.

    I could rent a tractor with driver to come and help, but that is unpredictable and can be costly. That is what my gringo friends down there want me to do; but my good workers want a tractor and I have about $13,000 for one with implements in my budget. I know nothing about tractor implements...seems like a need a reliable used tractor with a disc implement and something to clean up the weeds between the trees and to help plant the frijoles, etc. Something that isn't so big so I can't put a mower attachment (maybe the same as that which cuts weeds in the big field?). In the rainy season we have tons of mud in the fields.

    There are many Mennonites who sell used tractors down in Cuauhtemoc, about three hours south of me. I am Mennonite so maybe I can ask for the "Mennonite price!" I would very much appreciate any counsel, advice, or thoughts. I am not sure my budget is realistic. My fields are about a half hour apart from each other with the house kind of in the middle. What should I be looking for and any recommended models would be very helpful. Thanks and best wishes to all, Phil

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    Default Re: Very Appreciative of any Advice....Here is What I Have....Please Tell Me what I N

    Sounds like you need something in the 25-35 HP range with 4 wheel drive for the mud, although it is likely best to keep the tractor in the shed during the monsoon season to keep from making a mess with ruts. I think I would check with your Mennonite brothers to see what they recommend. That would be your best advice. You may get a used tractor with not too many hours with bush hog and disk for your budget. I have no idea what they cost in Mexico. I have seen a lot of Foton tractors on the east Mexico coast but I don't know how reliable they are (Chinese made I believe). Check around for what brands other farmers have and go with a popular brand with good dealers for parts in your area.
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    Default Re: Very Appreciative of any Advice....Here is What I Have....Please Tell Me what I N

    to TBN!!

    As Gary suggested, check with your neighbors and see what's available.
    As he also pointed out, it sounds like you really need FWD.
    As far as HP goes, buy as much as you can afford. I've never heard anyone complain that their tractor was TOO powerful.
    Buying a used tractor that you can't get parts for will bite you, so you will need something that you can get dealer support for. Stuff breaks or wears out. You will need parts at some point, not to mention filters and other normal maintenance items.
    Match the bush-hog (rotary cutter) to the tractor. You can run a 5' cutter on a 50 HP tractor, but you can't run a 6 footer on a 20 HP. (probably couldn't even pick up a 6' cutter with most 20 HP tractors)
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