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    Default Re: Who Should Pay?

    Like I said, a load of bull.

    Choose to live your life that way, but I can't figure out how you get out of bed, or how you decide what color shirt to wear . . . will red offend someone? Will vertical stripes make you look taller/thinner? Will your indecision paralyze you at the drive thru window? Paper or plastic at the check out?

    What if. What if. What if. Not a really good way to live a life.

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    Default Re: Who Should Pay?

    True sophisticated thinking is simplest way of thinking like I do. I don't have any problem as I am at equilibrium. The problem starts as you go away from the balance / equilibrium. So simple, not artifically sophisticated, but naturally balanced, isn't it. Anyways, like you said, a load of bull.

    Ps: we both paid by wasting time on this "who should pay" topic - again, balance/equilibrium concept in which all pay -lol

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