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    Default New JD 5055e Normally This Cold Natured?

    This past weekend, I looked a the new JD 5055e cab. The tractor seemed to be extremely cold natured when starting considering it was 50-55 degrees outside. It spit and sputtered for several seconds before it began running smoothly. Is this normal for the 3 cylinder JD engine used in the 5045-5065 engines? My JD 4320 is not nearly this cold natured.

    If it is this cold natured at 50 degrees, what is it like at 30 degrees??? Is this something to be concerned about?

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    Default Re: New JD 5055e Normally This Cold Natured?

    My $0.02 here... but no, there's not much to be concerned about here.

    I've owned the 2.9L Powertech in my old 2007 5103 and run it in pretty cold conditions (that's relative here in the south, ha! Cold = below 60!) It fired up every single time I started it - even when it was below 40.

    You are most likely hearing the difference in the 3 cylinder engine vs. your 4 cylinder.

    Even when I got my new 5075E last month, it sounded different than my 5103 - and they essentially have the same 2.9L Powertech 3cyl.

    You'll find that the 2.9L 3cyl Powertech engine is one of the best tractor engines made.

    That being said, I wouldn't be concerned much. There are a LOT of members on TBN here that run this engine, I'm sure they can chime in with similar thoughts.

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    My JD 5303 is the same way. Had the same 2.9 in a 5105 that was not turbo that cold cranked much easier. I cranked mine at around 40 degrees last weekend. I use the intake heater and it does run a little rough for a few seconds.

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    Default Re: New JD 5055e Normally This Cold Natured?

    Never had an issue with mine. use the heater as needed

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    My 5045d is a little cold blooded under 45 or so...once it warms up, never an issue.

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