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    Default LS 4047 vs DK45SE, both w/FEL

    I have done as much research as I can and I have gotten the best prices I can get from several different dealers on tractors in this HP range. These two are where I have ended up. I can get the LS 4047 cheaper than the DK45SE but I have to make a fairly long drive to do it. The DK is much closer. I can't even find a close dealer to drive the LS, so I have only seen them in pictures. I have driven and played with the DK45 a bit and really liked the feel. Oh, and does the 4 hp difference between the DK45 and the DK40 really matter at all? I found a good deal on a DK40 as well.

    The tractor will be used to maintain about 13 acres that is used for the horses that has a tendency to stay wet and the grass gets very thick. The other function will be to clean up a 12 acre hilly & wooded area in the back of the property that has tornado debris still down from 2011.

    Any real difference in these tractors? I feel like I am going to be happy with either one. It is hard to pull the trigger on something like the LS having never seen it though.

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    Default Re: LS 4047 vs DK45SE, both w/FEL

    I just wrote a similar response on another LS vs. Kioti thread, but here goes. When I was shopping, I narrowed my final two choices down to the LS XR4046H-C and the Kioti DK50SE HST-C. It was a coin flip between them - features and price. I finally picked the Kioti, mainly because the dealer is really close to me and has been around a long time.

    Two things I really like about the Kioti over the LS. The Kioti has a control lever on the rear of the tractor that raises and lowers the 3 point hitch. It's REALLY handy when hooking or unhooking implements.

    The second thing is the location of the levers that control the rear hydraulic remotes. They are right in front of and below the FEL joystick. I run my grapple off of one of the rear remotes, and it's really handy to just move my hand forward and down to open or close the grapple. A few members on here have fabricated an extension for the rear remote lever so it's right in front of the FEL joystick. I bought all the parts to make the extension but haven't gotten around to making it yet.

    The LS comes with two rear hydraulic remotes, whereas the Kioti has one (but it's only about $500 to add another remote). The LS also has larger tires, which is an advantage the LS has over the Kioti.

    Those differences show what a coin flip this decision is. I think you could be completely satisfied with either tractor.


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