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    Default Re: How important is 4 wheel drive on MX5100?

    If I'm scooping dirt off a pile that has set a while and isn't fluffed up anymore, I'll engage 4wd while filling the bucket then disengage 4wd for travel if I'm going very far and the ground is dry. That's a pain on a mechanically shifted gear tractor, but worth taking the time to do. That is some idea of how useful 4wd is for FEL work.

    I get more in the bucket, it saves wear and tear on the clutch.

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    Default Re: How important is 4 wheel drive on MX5100?

    I switch mine back and forth often, in the other hand I know someone with a (50ish) horse Long tractor he bought new and now has about 2500 hours on and he has never had it in 2wd.

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    I had a 50hp JD 5103 2wd with an FEL for almost a year. I spun the rear tires more times than I wish to recall with that thing.

    I traded it for a MFWD 5075E, and one of the first things I did with my new tractor was move this monster stump:

    How important is 4 wheel drive on MX5100?-image-1970464204-jpg

    I have filled rears and had about 750# of ballast on the 3PT and I wouldn't have gone anywhere without 4wd. The rears were dangling off the ground almost the whole time.

    Needless to say, the MFWD paid for itself in less than two weeks of ownership!

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    Default Re: How important is 4 wheel drive on MX5100?

    4wd is a little money for alot of insurance and safety.

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    If your land is flat you could probably get by with 2wd with plenty of ballast, but if you have hills then 4wd I'd a must, IMO.
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    Default Re: How important is 4 wheel drive on MX5100?

    When I am out mowing the ditches with my little B2630, it will sometimes get hung up and just spin the the rear tires. I stop, then reach down and engage the four wheel drive. The tractor moves out as if it had never been stuck. Certainly easier than going and getting my other tractor to pull it out.

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