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    Default Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    Enjoy the hunt Bobby.

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    Default Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    I purchased a Kioti DK45SE for the 12 acres we have. I'm delighted with it so far, although I haven't been able to use it much yet.

    In my search, I decided what tasks I needed to do first, and then what size implements I needed to do those tasks in a reasonable period of time. Since my primary task in the long run will be mowing land that is currently a hay pasture, the rotary cutter was the implement that determined the tractor size I needed. A number of friends I trust on another forum advised me that I would want a 6' mower, and one that would be heavier duty than those available for the lowest price. I decided that for me, important factors were a cab, HST, and at least two rear remotes. While I probably could have done with a DK40SE if it were open station, I went to the DK45SE to compensate for the horsepower robbed by the air conditioning.

    Once I decided on the size, then I went to all the dealers I could find within 50 or 60 miles to be able to sit on all the different brands to find which ones fit me the best. My short list came down to kubota, Massey Ferguson, and Kioti, but the price of the Kioti was the final deciding factor.

    So my recommendations are:
    1. Decide on the tasks you will do over the next five or ten years, and the proportion of tractor time each will require.
    2. Decide on the size implements you need for each task. One time tasks, if requiring more tractor than more common tasks, can be farmed out, or by using rental equipment.
    3. Once you know what size you need, visit all the dealers, try each model in that size out, get literature on them, and check out what you think of the dealer and his facilities.
    4. Decide what optional features you need on your tractor.
    5. Once you have narrowed down what models of tractors will fit your needs, visit the deals for those tractors again to start talking prices. Your final decision may turn out to be much easier than you think, once the quotes are in.
    6. Have fun looking!

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    Default Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    While not positive on the cost, I don't think a DK40 with loader and grapple would set you back $30K. I'd guess more like $25K or so in HST. With a backhoe, definitely over $30K. A Bobcat or LS in the same size might be a little cheaper, and probably just as good. There are different kinds and prices of grapples from bolt-on to quick release. Since you would have quick release with the DK40, I'd go that way. I think you can budget about $1500 to $2000 for a grapple. Bolt-ons are like $1000. And you can spend more for heavier duty ones. Just do a search in the Kioti forum for grapple and you will get a lot of info and pictures to digest. When done with the grapple, it will bring near what you paid for it if you choose to sell it. Good luck and have fun.

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    Default Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    Hey Bobby5 take a look at a Mahindra. Employ your neigbors, final assembly is done in your state!

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    Default Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    My needs were similar to yours, 10 acres, half cleared, lots of brush, but snow to move as well. Settled on a 40 hp or bigger machine, sat on em all (green,blue,red,orange). Liked the fit of the kioti the best, liked the price even better, and a dealer down the street I could trust sealed the deal. Wife (saintly she is) told me the 45 would keep me from wanting to upgrade, and I chose the open station since i'll be in the woods alot. 25k new with 3rd function remotes on the FEL. Found a new 66 inch grapple at an auction for $800.
    As my son the hay farmer said "no body ever says their tractor is too big".
    I'm now searching for a finish mower for the field I groomed up last year with the Husky LT.

    Careful though, spending money on this forum is pretty easy!

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    Default Re: Looking to be a 1st time Tractor Owner need HELP

    Bobby5, I live just south of Sherman. I haven't been to S&W Tractor in person but received a quote over the phone (who I assume is the one who stocks LS tractors). I have been to AG Power (both Sherman and McKinney) and the kubota dealership off of 75. I ended up going with AG Power, out of the McKinney store, because of their extremely low pricing with 0% financing. They have been pretty good to deal with and the McKinney store is something to see - large showroom and parts dept - the kids even love going there because of their huge JD toy section. Their McKinney showroom puts their Sherman location to shame.

    AG Power has something like 13 dealerships and move lots of units. I haven't looked recently, but when I went they gave the lowest price I had seen anywhere (including the internet) without any negotiation. Though I probably should have been happy with that, I actually negotiated just a touch further. There initial quote was much cheaper than S&W quotes on Massey Ferguson and the Kubota dealership on 75.

    If you want an honest answer about the right machine for you, I would give Ron Peck a call over at the AG Power McKinney location. He is an older guy and real laid back and honest. Whenever I'm in the dealership picking up stuff for my tractor or Stihl equipment and see him I go over and chat with him. He gave me a lot of good advice and helped save me from buying some things I didn't really need. I think because AG Power moves so many tractors, I never got the feeling that they were pushing for a sale, which I liked.

    Anyway, good luck and nice to meet a neighbor here on tractorbynet!

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