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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    Thanks for the info guys, I had decided to keep my lawn mower and get a cut after my last time out looking around but when I stopped by the Massey dealer today he was really talking up the scut. now I'm back to thinking that a cut would be better in the long run.

    Now the next question would be what CUT to get. I like the local Kioti dealer, I live in a small town and it's a family owned business that's been around since the 1960's (my family runs a small mechanical company in the same town) so I kind of like that. They're not flashy with a big showroom and all the jazz but seem to run a good business and I believe I can trust them (word spreads quickly if you don't take care of people).

    Locally we have quite an assortment of dealers for being such a small area. The local Deere dealer doesn't really stock tractors and he seems nice enough but his pricing seems a bit high (maybe just the green paint not the dealer). The local kubota dealership just got bought out by the New Holland dealer and they wouldn't give me the time of day when I was in there so I won't give them a dime of my $. There are no Ls, tym or the smaller manufactures within what I would call driving or servicing distance.

    The kioti dealer seems to push towards the ck30 or ck35 just because he says it's the same tractor with just a few more horses pushing the hydraulics and not much of a price difference. I think he still has one or two ck20's left but I haven't stopped in since before Christmas. When I drove the ck20 I liked the size of the tractor but the operator platform seemed cramped and I'm not a big person. The ck30 platform seemed roomy but the tractor seemed a bit intimidating in size but maybe it's just because it was my first time on tractors?

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    They shrink when you bring them home. Don't be intimidated. Do be cautious, but soon driving the tractor will feel like second nature.
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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    Good decision on the CUT. As far a brand, I think they are all good. I would pick out the options you must have and then go shopping. Hydrostatic, power steering, 4wd, and a strong loader were all of my must haves. Good luck and post pics when you get it..

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    If your use of the PTO on the CUT is limited, then you don't need the HP. A CK27 will dig and pull just as well as the CK30 or CK35. of course, the higher HP has better resale, and better PTO performance.

    There is a big difference between the CK20 and the rest. The bigger CKs give you 3 range HST or a 2 range shuttle shift, live PTOs, and extendible 3 PH arms, and most importantly: much higher hydraulics flow. A CK20 would work for you, but its big brothers will work even better. Mine has been one hard working digging beast. With only 25 HP, I haven't wanted for more. But, my PTO uses are limited to post hole digger and chipper/shredder. Even on 5" branches, my CK25 did fine. Just had to feed the big branches a little slower.

    I think a DK is overkill for your needs.

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    In my case I bought a Mahindra Max25 with FEL, MMM, and backhoe last year. That was after trying to keep up with 4 acres of mowing for many years using MTD pieces of crap.

    The MMM allows me to get all the cutting done in about four hours.

    The FEL allows me to move crap. I did buy an add-on of pallet forks for oversize items that are still under weight. The FEL also helped me keep the driveway open this winter.

    The backhoe allows me to pull fence posts that are 8-10' long railroad ties from the prior owner. I was also able to dig a burn pit for trash that is 10X15 by six feet deep.

    The tractor also allowed me to pull my car to the end of the driveway to get out this year.

    The backhoe is only like 18 inches wide. But it still does the job very well.The fifty inch FEL means that I have to do two passes for the driveway. The MMM does very well.

    I would advise that you determine the main components you need before you buy. Things like bush hogs, post hole diggers, and box scrapers are relatively cheap to rent or buy. But if you need a backhoe, it will be an added $2500+ cost and is harder to finance later. Where if you finance it with the initial purchase it gets added in on the loan. Same with the FEL.

    So look at what you need then make the decision based on that.

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    Kioti has the free loader program.
    As has been mentioned before these tractors shrink once you get used to them.
    I would get at minimum a CK/30/35, there are many very satisfied CK owners, and there are some that have traded up to a DK after longing for more loader capacity.
    I think you would be perfectly happy with a CK30/35..however, you should look at all your options to make a informed decision.
    The loader capacity on a CK30 is 1155lbs, on a DK series it is 2761lbs.
    You get alot more tractor, for not that much more money.
    If your thinking about a hoe, get it when you purchase your tractor, alot of folks will try to steer you away from one saying in the long run its cheaper to rent one etc, I use mine quite a bit, I like the convenience of having it anytime I need it.
    But that is just me, your mileage may vary.

    I think a DK is overkill for your needs.
    If it fits,you can afford it, and you have permission, is there such a thing?
    Working in the middle of a machines rated capacity is safer, and easier on the machine,(and you), than working on the outer limits.
    Doing more work easier and faster is not a bad thing.
    Having enough tractor for whatever need may arise isn't a bad thing either.
    2013 Kioti DK45SE HST Cab, Loaded R4s, KL401 Loader with reversible cutting edge, KB2485 Backhoe with Mechanical Thumb

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    After looking at the Kioti website I was surprised to see that the CK 20 is actually a little heavier than my 2720 and the CK 30 is more than 1,000 lbs. heavier at about the same HP as my tractor. I didn't realize there was that much weight difference between some manufacturers at similar HP ratings. There are some good threads on SCUTs if you search this site (, specifically showing what the CK 20 can do but you said you want a CUT so I'll stick to that category. I've only owned one tractor so I can't speak about others but I would think with all the digging you want to do you might want that extra weight behind you. Not sure how 30 HP does at moving 3,100 lbs. around but I've moved a lot of dirt and firewood with mine at 31 HP and 2,000 lbs. You mentioned the 30 platform was roomy but the size was intimidating. I think you'll find that these CUTs are very maneuverable in tight spaces and very easy to operate. If you use it often you'll get used to it quickly.

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    Like most, I've found that tractors do seem to "shrink" once you bring them home and it doesn't seem to matter how long you've been using tractors. I well remember telling my wife an L5030HSTC was too big and I really thought a 35-40HP would be better and we had 60-70-80HP tractors already. Well I got it and yes my wife had to talk me into it; embarrassing.

    I like most brands in certain models and it sounds like you are certainly in the ball park with the CK30/35 or equivalent in another brand and a good dealer is really important, to me anyway.

    We can probably all identify with your confusion as we could name twenty or more makes/models that will work well for your needs.

    I am one of those who rents a small excavator once enough chores pile up rather than buy a back hoe with the tractor. We do own a backhoe my dad bought used quite a few years ago and used the heck out of it while establishing our various home sites, clearing up logged property etc., but then it sat unused for years and needs work. Renting is better for us than owning, but for others it's great.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    You say there is a good Kioti dealer in town. IF he can supply what you want/need, then I would go with him. I am a firm believer in dealing 'local'.
    As for size, Yes they do shrink once you get them home, and do get the BH included in the loan at purchase time.

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    Default Re: sub compact or compact tractor?

    Good advice already posted. I'll add that SCUTs typically have 9" ground clearance, CUTS 12" - 14", which may or may not be a consideration for you.
    The word tractor was taken from Medieval Latin, being the agent noun of trahere, "to pull, draw".

    Kubota B3300SU; no longer with me but still pulling in the community.

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