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    I think given your current and future needs I by a professional zero turn 60" or 72" if it's lawn you'll be mowing they'll mow twice a fast as a mmm or rotary cutter especially if you have obstacles to mow around. And then look at up sizing your your tractor size to someone like a large L series , MX5100 (cheapel series in disguise) or a real m series like a M6060.

    A b series for me on 40 acres would be way to small. Heck it's way to small for my 10 acres. To be fair my M8540 is a little big for my 10 acres in some ways but I'm not looking to get rid of it


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    Default Re: Mid-mount mower vs rotary cutter?

    Hook up implements WITHOUT a PTO connection is relatively simple.

    Connecting a PTO shaft, which requires matching two closely fit splines and manipulating a lock, either in the form of a push-button or a sliding collar, while holding up the awkwardly positioned shaft in a confirmed space, is a greasy, sweaty job that usually inspires bad words.

    Buy for your needs today. In a few years will greater acreage, you will want a bigger tractor; I have just acquired my third in five years, first a well seasoned Deere/Yanmar 750, the second a kubota B3300SU and now a Kubota L3560.

    Slopes on your future land can make a huge difference in your tractor requirements.
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    Default Re: Mid-mount mower vs rotary cutter?

    I am not sure what you mean by "float", but I believe it does. It also has wheels in each of the four corners, although so far it has been mowing fine with just 3 of those 4 wheels.
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    I'd look at at ZTR for your current needs and a 40 - 60 HP with rotary cutter when you move. You'll still have a use for the ZTR on your new property for around the house etc. Unless you really - really like to sit in the seat you want to be done mowing with in a few hours on the field. I currently have a 50 HP tractor with a 6ft rotary cutter and find that to mow 10acres (one of my fields) it takes about 4 hours as the field is not that smooth.

    Good luck.
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    Default Re: Mid-mount mower vs rotary cutter?

    I agree on having a ZTR mower and tractor. I have 10 acres and mow about 2 at the most with my 50" Toro and then I have a JD 3032e with FEL, brush hog and blade for pasture mowing and snow removal. The ZTR's are awesome for mowing and a blast to operate. I cant imagine mowing 5 to 10 acres, that's lots of mowing.

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