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    Default Re: Nortrac Tractor

    The logic was that the Chinese tractors are simpler, thus easier to fix than a kubota. I would point out that there are simple Kubotas too, they aren't all hst with bells and whistles.

    That said, Kubotas hydrostatic transmissions are very well renowned, and I wouldn't trade mine for a gear.
    Kubota mx4700, New Holland TC-29D

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    Default Re: Nortrac Tractor

    Bottom line here is you get what you pay for. The low dollars of a Chinese tractor might seem like a great deal but down the road the down time and resale value should be a factor. I owned a Chinese and all I did was work on it and waited for another part to malfunction. Time is money to e and I like turning the key and getting the job done.
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    Default Re: Nortrac Tractor

    The logic, which admittedly a stretch, is a kubota is a LOT more money up front. If the tractor goes south that is much more of a loss to swallow.

    I had two experiences with dealers. The guy I purchase from was a back yard resale person who took the tractor as partial trade on something else- Not a real dealer. The real dealer approached for parts and service have been a pretty mixed experience.

    My back ground includes owning, old Case, Caterpillar and IHC along with new Ford/New Holland. All as a hobby/individual, build my own home, maintain some acreage. I mowed with an old Gravely walk behind for about 20 years. That worked out fine, repairs and all, but lot more physical effort. As I got older, decided I prefer to sit.

    I am far from a great mechanic and make mistakes for sure. I get by. The biggest challenge I have faced is this Kubota HST drive. Even there, it has worked for 5 years. Not well, but good enough. I am 100% confident I could fix any reasonable issue with an older gear drive. Like a clutch, which is PIA but doable. I just retired, looking at a that POS Kubota, and thinking Chinese.

    I got some great advise on this forum and maybe the Kubota has a chance. That includes starting with filter and screen up to a rather complex debug flow chart. No dealer provided any such help or advise. I never needed help with the old tractors.

    I had a very simple issue with fuel on the Kubota. Sorry I forget a filter or loose connection to pump? Hours to access the part under the deck. I also looked at the fan and cleaned the rear axle. These parts were very difficult to access, require tedious sheet metal removal. The Chinese stuff, really looks simple. I see exact same issue with new cars and trucks. I been sitting on road side, no start - no clue, **** computer POed at me?
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    Default Re: Nortrac Tractor

    Ok, I understand your logic now. And, yes, new tractors and cars are a mixed blessing. They are much more reliable than the old stuff we had 40 or 50 years ago. But when you DO have a problem on one of these new ones, it's a LOT more complicated to diagnose and repair.

    I used to do a lot of my own work on my cars. Not any more. I open the hood, look at it and think "what's all that stuff?". And then close the hood and call the repair shop.


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    Default Re: Nortrac Tractor

    Logic can quickly get mixed with emotions. As I get older the more it seems emotions rule the day and we wind us trying to find logic at supports our emotional decisions.

    New green or orange takes a bite out of retirement accounts. New China stuff less of a bite up front and long term is iffy in some cases. New like used (under 400 hours) can be iffy value wise over buying it new in some cases.

    For the hobby types (tractor not running does not stop you from having money for food and shelter) like myself it just boils down on how much of your retirement account you want parked around the place. For those of us who grew up running small gas tractors 80 hours a week every spring old iron is hard to beat because we know how to get the job down with a small 2WD tractor that requires next to not repairs even when 40 years old. Had a friend at picked up a nice straight 245 MF with a FEL with a fully powered bucket and lift only arms. He took off the sheet metal and repainted it and it looks better than in a show room in the 70's and he loves it. Today in our area picking up a Ford 800,2000-4000 series or 135-165 or 235-265 MF seems to be the sweet spot and with normal care and service your estate should be able to sell them for more than you paid 20 years earlier.

    It is my thought when it comes to tractors do as one wishes within ones budget. Making a mistake on a tractor selection is not as costly has making a mistake on spouse selection.

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