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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer

    To me it sounds like come-back **** for you and the dealer. It also sounds like the dealer doesn't have a tech with the training necessary to chase down the core problem (America does have a shortage of over 400,000 tradesmen jobs right now).

    You have some kind of really-dumb, potentially-hard-to-find electrical issue. Can you unpack what the dealer has done in an attempt to remedy it?

    Also, when the tractor dies, what had you been doing, what where you doing at the moment it died, was it hot or cold out, humid, wet or dry out? In my tenure I've had vehicles die only when soccer mom loaded up her backseat with hockey kids and went into a long right-hand onramp turn just long enough to short out the fuel pump wire running under the back seat that would not short out when driven with no passengers and without popping the fuse. Electrical stuff can be like that, so share and maybe we can point you toward getting your tractor sorted out.

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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer

    It may well be time to get in touch with New Holland and get them involved in the situation, the dealer surly isn't doing a good job at taking care of you or your tractor. As far as the problem being because it's an LS heck I bought my Montana (2009) new in 2010 and the only warranty work I had to have was one leak I assume it was built on Monday or Friday no big deal I now have well over 400 hours on it and I don't run it any different than another other tractor I have or have had. There are many many happy LS or Boomer owners unfortunately you are not I really think you should get New Holland involved you probably should have done it a while ago!
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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer

    Back when I was a mechanic and/or a service manager, the unit would have been repaired BEFORE worrying about installing the extras. One dealer near me has used units for sale that have flat tires, non-working safety switches, dead batteries. This on NICE, expensive, newer units. Service departments SHOULD fix units, fix it right, then help the next person. Sometimes you don't know how bad the service department is until you experience a GREAT one.
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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer

    What I've seen of my '12 model Boomer 50 thus far, there's no issue with the electrical system that couldn't be tracked down with a multi-meter and a little time....

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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer


    It's too bad you've had so much trouble. it's not going to help bashing the Koreans or exclaiming that the product is no good. I don't buy that the Koreans or NH is trying to sell you an inferior product.

    If you can be more specific about what is going on we can be of much more help. Many of us here love New Hollands and we do for very good reasons. Many here are willing to share their advice and probably know a lot more than your dealer about how to fix these problems.

    The electrical safety systems can be a pain and are mandated on these new tractors regardless of brand. For your dealer to "push it into the shop" to install more equipment and send it out to you repeatedly, not fixed, is just wrong.

    Now that you've vented, do you want some help to get to the bottom of what is going on?

    I only exaggerate enough to compensate for being taken with a grain of salt.

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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer

    While it sucks to be the guy with a product that is giving you problems, that doesn't mean that ALL or even MOST of those products are giving their owners problems. You can find plenty of owners of John Deere and kubota tractors with problems, but that doesn't mean John Deere and Kubota don't make good products.

    There's another guy on here having problems with a Scag zero turn. That doesn't mean that Scag is crap. It just means that HIS Scag is crap or, more accurately in his case, his Scag DEALER is crap.

    The simple answer is that you drew the short straw on this particular tractor and/or dealer. Your experience is anecdotal. I'm sorry you're having problems, but that doesn't mean that LS tractors in general are problematic.


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    Default Re: New Holland Boomer

    if you want someone else to take a look at it, we would. Its a haul down here, but we have a lot of very good techs. I would probably be good to get a fresh set of eyes on it.

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