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    Default Which one (used tractor choices)?

    I'm new here. This seems like a very helpful sight. Anyhow, I need help choosing a used tractor. I was looking for a tractor around 10K, which put me in used range. I'm down to 3 and I just need help picking. I really don't know much about tractors, thus I am posting here.

    **EDIT** The tractor will be used to help tend 5 acres of land. Mostly mowing, grading, some lifting and moving as well. I'm actually searching for a friend. He will be the one using the tractor on his property. The property is located just outside of Sacramento, Ca. It is mostly flat, with weeds on it. He also has horses and will likely use his tractor for horse stuff as well (whatever that may include).

    I'm looking for something that will be reliable for me. Also feel free to mention other costs (monetary or otherwise), such as part prices or ease of acquiring parts now and in the future that might influence my decision. Thanks for the help!

    First Tractor: 1989 John Deere 755 4x4
    It has 839 Hours on it
    Price: $9000
    It has a HST, Positoin Control 3 point hitch, 18HP diesel motor
    The tractor has a front loader on it. I would want a mower, scraper, and roto tiller. Adding these would push the price $13,000.

    This tractor had a single owner and was serviced from the place he bought it, which is where it is for sale now. It was never rented out. I like this about it.

    Does anybody know if this tractor has power steering, a High/Low gearbox, and a PTO that is independant of tractor speed and direction?

    Second Tractor: 1997/1998 New Holland TC18 4x4
    It has 826 hours on the clock
    Price: $9000
    It has a HST, Position Control 3 point hitch, 18HP diesel motor
    The tractor also has a front loader on it as well as a scraper that has tilt and pitch control on it. Adding the mower and roto tiller would bring the price to $11,300.

    This tractor was owned by a rental company. I was told it was well maintained. Iím worried that buying a tractor that was a rental unit could be trouble down the road. Is this likely? The fact this was a rental is what worries me about this one.

    Third Tractor: 199? Kioti (Iím not sure of the year or model) It is a compact tractor though. Iím planning on looking at it tomorrow, if it hasnít sold.
    It has 300 hours on it
    Price: $9500
    It has a loader, scraper, and mower that will come with it. Adding the roto tiller will probably add about $2000, like it has on all of the other tractors I have looked at. That brings the total to about $11,500.

    This is all I know about this tractor for now. Perhaps I will know more tomorrow.

    Fourth Tractor: 1978-81 kubota B7100 4x4
    It has 2700 hours on it (Is this a lot?)
    Price: $4300
    It has a scraper, mower, and tiller that come with it. Adding a front loader will add about $3500 to the price. I was told that they arenít sure if the loader will fit this model tractor. The loaders they have available fit the newer B7100 Kubotaís with the HST. They said some modification might be required to get it to fit. Is it even worth the hassle or cost to add a loader to this tractor? The total price would be around $8000, perhaps a bit more.

    The tractor was a single owner tractor that was well maintained. It has been used, but it seems to be in good running shape. It has a simple manual tranny and a tranny driven PTO, unlike the others which have HSTís. It also doesnít have a fuel gauge; you just look at the level in the tank. The tank is very opaque now so you cannot really see the level without taking the cap off.

    So which one should I get? Thanks a ton for the help and suggestions.

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( It has a simple manual tranny and a tranny driven PTO, unlike the others which have HSTís. )</font>
    Let's start by welcoming you to TBN! There is a lot of good and bad opinion here that can sometimes lead one to go insane, but I think most of us get through it some how!
    First, please go to "my home" and fill out your profile, giving us some of the important information on they type of property and work you want to do. It's too hard to make recommendations based on no information. You stated that the kubota had gear, and all the others HST. However, the Kioti couldn't have HST if it's a 199? model. Their first HST is the CK20HST introduced 2003. So, find out all about the Kioti, fill in your profile, and we'll all be able to give you some better advice. One thing I will say is that you may just want to see what you can get for just a little more in new, with possible 0% financing. For example, you should be able to get a Kioti CK20HST with a loader for about $12,500 with everything being new and warranted. So, it just may pay you in the long run to buy new and not have to worry about parts. I can honestly say that out of those choices, the lowest parts costs will probably be with the Kioti. Many posts about high prices paid for parts for all the others. Thus, my recommendation of comparing new prices against the used first before buying. Of course, a well-maintained tractor may not NEED any parts for a while. Most tractors will need "something" done around 1000 hours, but most don't need a rebuild of the engine for 5000 and more. Depends on too many things that may be unknown with a used tractor. Get someone in the know to help you look them over. John

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    I would eliminate the Kioti and the kubota, since both are gear (I bet that Kioti is an LB1914 which is a fine tractor, but a gear shuttle that would not meet your needs as well).

    Between the Deere and NH, really wring them out. I think if memory serves that both have power steering, both certainly have fully independent PTO. Dont remember if both have Hi Lo, but I think so. Anyhow I would favor the NH simply because it is newer, and the deere doesnt offer any real advantage in size or capability.

    Regarding a tiller, $2,000 is a steep price - you can certainly find a cheaper tiller at Tractor supply or CCM.

    Good luck on your search, you have two good options so far!

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    Welcome to TBN!

    Based on the information you provided regarding the four tractors, I would lean toward the NH TC 18 4x4. The JD would be my second choice. The NH gets the nod mostly because it is almost 10 years newer. I wouldn't get too concerned about the NH having been a rental tractor. First of all 826 hours is not a lot of hours, and secondly, most rental companies are pretty good about servicing their equipment.

    Regardless if it is a rental tractor or not, you need to evaluate the tractor to determine what kind of condition it is in. I would recommend the following at a minimum:

    1) Make sure hourmeter is working and does not look like it has been replaced.
    2) Look at all the filters, make sure they have been replaced (not painted over originals) especially the hydraulic filters
    3) Check fluid levels
    4) Take a peek underneath to see if transmission, final drive, hydraulic system drain plugs have wrench marks indicating that the fluids were changed
    5) Remove the primary air filter and check for cleanliness and date
    6) Cold start the engine (after setting overnight), should start right up after minimal glow plug heating, should produce light black smoke after initial startup
    7) After warmup, operate the HST in all ranges. If possible set FEL bucket low against a post or other immovable object, put the HST in low range, set engine at PTO speed and engage HST. Tires should spin or engine bog down substantially or kill. Ask the dealer to this if you are uncomfortable.
    8) Engage PTO and shut off. Make sure the shaft does not continue to spin after PTO brake is engaged. Make sure shaft spins true.
    9) Test brakes, including parking brake, 3PT, differential lock, power steering, lights, flashers, etc. Listen for unusual noises.
    10) Review cosmetics; paint, seat condition, hoses, tires, etc, are they "normal" for age and hours of tractor?
    11) FEL; check for new welds, operate lift and bucket functions (hopefully there is dirt pile nearby to test lifting and curling strength), park tractor on a hard level surface (asphalt or concrete) and set bucket down level with the surface. Bucket cutting edge should be parallel to the hard surface.
    12) After this 5-10 minute running review, shut down the tractor leaving the FEL 3-4 feet off the ground and inspect for fresh fluid leaks on both the tractor and FEL. In addition, monitor the drop rate on the FEL.

    The above shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. If all pass muster, you should have a pretty good snapshot of the condition of the used tractor and FEL.

    Good luck in your tractor buying!


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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    I would lean towards the JD or NH. I think there is an error in your math though.

    The tractor has a front loader on it. I would want a mower, scraper, and roto tiller. Adding these would push the price $13,000.

    The tractor also has a front loader on it as well as a scraper that has tilt and pitch control on it. Adding the mower and roto tiller would bring the price to $11,300.

    There is no way a rear blade should cost $1700. A blade is a $175-$700 item depending on whether you want light, medium, or heavy duty. If you are on a budget you might want to consider going to a TSC or Fleet Farm and getting a King Kutter tiller ($1000) and mower (another $1000) unless you need a mid mount mower. If you price JD or NH implements they will be 2-3x as much.

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    Agent WD40
    Welcome to TBN. Always glad to see someone from the Sacramento area onboard. I think any of these would be fine units. As I learned when tractor shopping, used in our area often means abused. Anything in good condition was not a whole lot cheaper than new. Especially when you add % interest a lot of the companies are offering.

    Also, don't get hung up on HST. I hate to open that can of worms but gear drive with Shuttle Shift should not be a turn off. I drove both when shopping and did not feel that HST offered "ME" enough of an advantage to justify the extra price. I happen to like the Shuttle Shift better. For those who don't, that is fine too.

    Good luck on your decidion and let us know what you decide and of course post pictures.

    Note to Kioti John, I finally bought a Digital Camera. Now I have to do something with the tractor to take pictures. That is unless you want to see photos from our Cruise. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?


    If I was buying, I would get the newer New Holland or Kioti. Just because they're newer.

    I'm local to you, so I know what kind of land is around here. I'm not sure you want a roto-tiller if you live in one of the areas with clay soil. We call it minute ground (one minute is soggy-wet, the next it's concrete dry.) A disc harrow or box scraper with ripper teeth would be more useful. At least for my uses.

    Just for everyone's information we don't have a TSC or similiar store. The dealers are about the only source for tractor implements. Central Valley Lumber has some cheap tractor stuff. It's in Woodland on Pioneer just north of Kentucky.

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    Thanks a ton for the responses already. The property where the tractor will be used is located in Clarksburg, Ca. It is good to see a few locals on here. I will have to check that place in Woodland out to see if thier pricing is better than the dealer.

    I'm going to put up some pics of the tractors I have looked at so far. I'm going to go check out the Kioti today. How do they look? Does what I have been told match the apparent use?
    The John Deere 755

    New Holland TC18 seat
    New Holland TC18
    New Holland TC18

    kubota B7100 seat
    Kubota B7100

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    I think your best bang for the buck would be the TC18. It has a FEL. It also has a TNT with 2 rear remotes which by itself is worth over $1K. At 800+ hrs it has only been used for about 150 hrs per year. A good new seat would be about $75 and I would see if the dealer would throw one into the deal for free.

    I have a kubota B2710 with 900+ hrs and it is still as strong as it was on its first day. The hours should be of little concern.

    If it has been well maintained (regular fluid changes) and there are no other obvious problems, then go for it.

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    Default Re: Which one (used tractor choices)?

    Well I looked at the Kioti and I added the updated info below. I like the tractor a lot.

    Third Tractor: 1999/2000 Kioti LB1914 4x4
    It has 300 hours on it
    Price: $9500
    It has a loader, scraper, and mower that will come with it. Adding the roto tiller will probably add about $2000, like it has on all of the other tractors I have looked at. That brings the total to about $11,500.

    The tractor was owned buy a person that used it for horse stuff around his 5 acres. He sold it because his wife wanted to use it and she couldn't drive stick. So they traded it in for a kubota with HST.

    Kioti Pics:
    Kioti LB1914
    Kioti LB1914
    Kioti LB1914

    I was told by the sales man where I looked at the Kioti that the John Deere 755 was not as beefy of a tractor as the Kioti, and was really more like a tough garden tractor. He said it was based on a beffed up garden tractor chassis. Is this true? Should this deter me from considering this tractor?

    Tillers... my friend will be using the tiller for his garden and perhaps landscaping his house. Will a tiller attachment for the tractor work well enough in Clarksburg (15 mi south of Sac)?

    Is 4x4 worth having around Sacramento? My guess is yes, in the winter. I will leave it to the guys with more experience to let me know.

    Again, thanks a ton for the info.

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