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    Default Great Dane vs. Kubota Zero Turn

    I've been leaning towards purchasing a kubota ZD21 to mow my 3 acres of mostly level grass. But recently found a Great Dane Chariot 61" Commerical Mower ZERO TURN (used with low hours) for alot less. Any thoughts on how the 2 compare to each other? thanks! [img]/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif[/img]

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    Default Re: Great Dane vs. Kubota Zero Turn

    Hello WV mower,
    I bought a kubota ZD21 last April. I sold a Great Dane 61" Chariot with a Kawasaki 25 HP engine back around June. I had bought the Chariot in Spring of 2001.
    Reasons I sold the Chariot were...Chariot had a bad hydraulic pump since it was new. Took it back to dealer numerous times and they kept saying there was no problem with it. I was mowing with it on a hill 3 different times and the pump locked up, throwing the drive belt off leaving me with no power...brakes would not stop it...almost getting me hurt each time. I was just lucky I didnt get hurt.
    I then called Great Dane and told them about my problem and that the dealer was not interested in fixing my problem. They told me to take it to my dealer again. This time they put a pump on it and did not clean out the hydraulic system which tore up the first new pump. I had waited for 5 weeks.
    Then they had to order and install the second new pump, which took 3 more weeks for a total of eight weeks for repairs. I had been told by my salesman AFTER I bought the Chariot that Great Dane had been having numerous problems with the pumps.
    The first major problem I had with Great were very slow in delivery.
    The other problems were when you changed the oil filter, you had to loosen the hydraulic reservoir to be able to get the old filter off and install a new one, and even then you had barely enough room.
    To drain the oil you had to place a tube onto the engine drain to keep the oil from going everywhere. The blades were also hard to take off or put on in that the spindles were the old style. Overall bad design on the mower, I think.
    In short, I did not like the Great Dane or the service I received.
    While the Great Dane was being repaired I only had an Exmark 48 " walk behind...which is an excellent product. I had to have another to service my accounts, so I went shopping.
    Decided on the ZD21 because it is shaft drive from engine to transmission. Also shaft to deck and hydraulic deck lift. Diesel. Very easy to reach oil and hydraulic filters and drain points. Great warranty. I now have around 160 hours on it with no problems at all. It is an excellent mower that is very easy to service.
    Only bad thing is sometimes I feel the need for more horsepower in tall, wet grass. I was going to buy the ZD28, but it weighed about 200 lbs. more than ZD21. I had to stay below 1500 lbs. because of my other equipment and trailer limit.
    Maybe this will help you decide which mower is right for you without the headaches I have had. I lost a lot of money by trying to save $$$ on my first riding mower purchase. I wish I had of spent more the first time around and bought a quality product...guess the saying "You get what you pay for" is true. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif[/img]

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