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    Default Re: How to size a new tractor

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">(
    Tha baler is your biggest implement so if you are going to bale, then you need to size the tractor to it.

    The thing is, if you are only doing 10ac, do you really want to bother? )</font>

    Good question. I started baling to clean up the pasture after we got the place. There are only a couple of farmers in the area and they weren't interested in bringing balers up our hill for such a small amount. I purchased a baler and was able to sell everything without a problem - I did sell cheap to a local guy. He retired and I decided to plant prairie grass, to both get rid of the fiscue and try to attract wildlife. Three years later, I need to either burn the fields or mow and remove the grass. Baling is actually a lot simpler than trying to rake it and move it off the field (tried that one year). The pasture is in in the middle of a woods and even with the fire departments help, I am concerned about burning.

    I'm pretty sure my Ford 4000 is putting out less than its rated 45hp, and it didn't have problem pulling the baler - but it would shake the tractor, so weight may be a factor.

    I may only need to bale every couple of years, but there is even less farming around here than when I started. So if it is going to happen, I am going to do it.


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    Default Re: How to size a new tractor

    but it would shake the tractor, so weight may be a factor.

    I think you've probably hit on the problem factor. Something similar to the NH "TN" series might suit your needs better than a CUT.

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