I think that any of the ones you have mentioned will do what you need to do. I maintain the gravel drive to my mom's house with a standard cat 1 boxblade and I plow my drive with a standard cat 1 6' rear blade. If I had read a lot on here about what I needed I would have been afraid to get the
SCUT that I did since a lot of advice says the SCUT won't handle the standard cat impliments, can't take them in the woods, can't use with ground engagement impliments because of the hydrostat, etc. I have asked on here, what won't fit, one PHD and a subsoiler wouldn't work. I've used 4' tiller, 5' Howse cutter, PHD, 4' boxblade, 5' KK tiller, all standard cat 1 size impliments. I did get a stick in the hydro fan and had to replace that and have since made a cover to protect that from stick when I go in the woods. Find one that fits you and have a ball.