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    Default Help - First Time Tractor Buyer

    I have 15 acs, for nursery/tree farm. Will be doing mowing, tilling, spraying and transporting plant material. Looking at 30-40 hp with 4WD and must be economical.

    I have looked at JD (expensive), Branson, New Holland, Montana, Farmtrac.

    Any advise would be appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I personally believe all the manufactures out there build great tractors. You have to decide which tractor feels the best for you and which tractor is in your price range. You will find alot of help here. Some of the tractors I checked out were to cramped in the operators area. My final choices were kubota, NH and Kioti. I chose Kioti because of price and features. All 3 are very good tractors. All 3 have there advantages and disadvantages. The Kioti gave me the most of what I wanted for the least amount of money spent. Bottom line. Make sure you are comfortable and satisfied with whatever you buy.

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    I would put a ditto on what Donny has to say. But I would add make sure you like your dealer. Is he one that will take care of you after the sale.


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    I second DonnyJ's opinion!

    In my case, it all came down to how I physically fit to the tractor. I'm a big guy and I searched all the brands but chinese. Price is an issue but I'm not gonna buy something that I plan on sitting in for long periods of time.

    Through this forum you'll find great information, mostly good on all the brands. In my tractor requirements, I would have bought any of the brands and I have prices, brochures, loader specs and numerous posts for reference on all the tractors I searched. I drove all the major brands also. All that said I chose Kioti.

    I just sold a kubota which was a great machine, 8 years and not a problem. When I purchased it, I also looked at Kioti. The reason I didn't buy the Kioti was the youth of the product in USA.

    First choice was a gear drive Mahindra, I sat much to far forward and the shifter location would have worn my left thigh raw. Then the Farmtrac, felt like I was in a cacoon. The Kubota's were only comfortable in the L series and price knocked them out. In the Kioti's I sat well in a CK and great in a DK.

    Get a tractor that fits you!

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    Yep.. find the cheapes unit, that will do everything you want to do, has a good dealer, and support. That dealer support issue is worth a few bucks.. believe me..


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    I think you'll find that a Kioti DK35 would be just right for your needs. It's a tough puller, has great features and is pretty comfortable to use.
    You can pull a 6' brush cutter on the DK35 with ease. I've used one several times at my dealer's while helping him out, and I believe that it's the one I'll add to my CK20 later on when I have the bucks to buy again. I had planned on going to the DK45S, but then I'd have to have a higher rated trailer and a new tow vehicle!
    My dealer is about 37 miles away, not a problem.
    When you get a chance, go to MY HOME at the top of page, and click on the personal settings choice to fill in some information about yourself. It will help others to help you sometimes if they know what your lay out is, and where you are located.

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