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    Default Near to buying B3030 - other candidates, and $$$

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums, having lurked for a while.

    I'm very close to buying a new tractor, and I've learned tons here already.

    The tractor I've nearly decided on is a kubota B3030. The price I'm at is $16900 with FEL. In addition to that, I'll be getting 60" cutter $990, and a posthole auger $860. How are those prices?

    This tractor is for use on 16 acres, gentle slope, some muddy area, clearing brambles and scappy alder, maintaining driveway, and eventually maintaining pasture. I've looked at John Deere (much more expensive) and New Holland (TC30 is cheap looking/feeling compared to 3030, others are more expensive again)...are those tractors I should re-visit before finalizing purchase? Other make/models I should consider? Kioti doesn't have a dealer nearby.

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    Default Re: Near to buying B3030 - other candidates, and $$$

    Welcome to TBN. [img]/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif[/img]
    Your price is great.
    Since you are not doing any lawn mowing you may want to consider a bigger and heavier tractor. The L3130 HST can be had of just a few hundred dollars more. It will handle the heavy duty task better than the B3030 and has the same creature comforts.

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    Default Re: Near to buying B3030 - other candidates, and $$$

    If you havenít already, check out my recent post in this forum #681132

    Although I have no personal experience with this, I have been warned by a few others that doing post hole digging is difficult with the B3030 because there is no clutch. Engaging the PTO is done with a left-hand side lever, while raising and lowering is done with a right hand side lever. Controlling both levers while turning around to look at the auger is pretty difficult. If you plan to do alot of post hole digging, you might actually be better off with the B7800 with a live PTO/clutch pedal, or step up to the L series.

    All that being said, I just purchased a B3030, but I don't plan to do any post hole digging with it, so that was not an issue for me. It's a great tractor!

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    Default Re: Near to buying B3030 - other candidates, and $$$

    </font><font color="blue" class="small">( 60" cutter $990, and a posthole auger $860. How are those prices? )</font>

    There are lots of rotary mowers well worth $990, or more, but some are not worth 1/2 that. We would need to know more. Likewise with the post hole digger, although there seem to be few reports of problems with less expensive PHDs. You may want to ask in the Attachments forum for advice on the specific brands you are considering.

    Listen to Cart99 regarding using a PHD with the B3030 or any other clutchless tractor. Before you commit to a purchase, sit in the seat and see if you can simultaneously watch the PHD, lift it, and stop the rotation.

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