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    Default what hp do i need

    im new to the tractor world and am thinking of buying a new one. my biggest problem is trying to figure what kind of hp i need. i have 97 acres which is very hilly. i will be using the tractor to move a lot of dirt with a fel digging and keeping the drainage ditches cleaned out on a private road that is almost a mile long. also doing some brush cutting.and mabey even a small garden later down the road. i was thinking something in the 40hp range. what do you think.

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    Default Re: what hp do i need

    How much of the 97 acres do you plan on mowing? This answer may dictate the size of a rotary cutter you need, which in turn will point you to the size of tractor needed.

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    Ditto what gator said. determine your re-occouring hp needs and bas your purchase on them. Do not base hp needs on single items that you could say.. rent a large tractor or dozer to take care of once or twice.. etc.

    As it goes.. mowers are a prime hp user.. depending on size.. how often you mow.. and how much you mow.

    Hilly.. that tells me 4wd. More expensive to get 4wd on the larger units.. course.. larger units are better for open mowing.. etc.

    I'd guess without knowing more that a 4x hp unit ( tc48da? ) would do you.. unless you reply back that you have 80 out of that 97 ac to keep mowed.. in which i would reccomend you getting something that will tote a 10' mower.. minimum.. preferably, 12' or 15' mower..


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    Default Re: what hp do i need

    the mowing i will be doing is only a small part of the property. it wll be one or two very small fields and along the sides of the road. i was thinking that a 5 or 6 foot brushog would be plenty for what i would be using it for. the main use for the tractor would be moveing dirt and ditching. i own and maintain about a mile long gravel road.

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    Default Re: what hp do i need

    I would take a look at the dk45s from Kioti it's a work horse. Also take a look at the John Deer.

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