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    Default Kubota vs Exmark Z

    Scenario: New home construction on 15 acres - about 1/2 wooded. Remaining 7 or so acres is something like 2 acres needing bush-hogging a few times per summer, 1.5 acres finished lawn around the house within the woods, and the remainder in a front "field" or possibly lawn that needs to be maintained similar to a lawn.

    I currently have an old 9N with 5' Howse. I also have a Scott's/Deere 2554 25HP with 54" cut. Both of which were to maintain the property for the last few years prior to construction. Fast forward to now and we're nearing completion of construction so this season we'll need a plan to really tackle things in a practical way. Time is my main focus. I've narrowed the search down to an Exmark Laser Z XS 72" cut 35HP or kubota B7800 with 72" belly mower.

    I think the terrain applies to both because I can have the property smoothed so the Exmark doesn't beat me to death. I can definitely also see future/current uses for the Kubota besides mowing (which obviously the Exmark won't do). So, I can eventually see having both, but may be able to allow the 9N to serve as the grunt for now.

    So... my focus is really on the time issue for mowing. I've got to keep my mowing time down. I was told that with both having a 72" cut that the Kubota would cut at about 75% of the speed of the Exmark Z. That right? I would have thought it was slower and less efficient than that.

    Can anyone share their B7800-like times with a 72" mower in terms time. I'm trying to get a realistic grasp on what to expect from the Kubota with it not being a Z. How much quicker would the 7800 be than my 9N?

    As for the current equipment, the 9N is... well... old and has those inherent issues (like brakes issues and leaky lift), and the Scott's isn't quite up to the job in terms of speed.

    I would be greatful for any insight from experience. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Kubota vs Exmark Z

    If you have lots of trees to go around then the ZTR would be best suited for finish mowing.

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    Default Re: Kubota vs Exmark Z

    We have the Exmark here at the farm. For finish mowing, I don't believe it can be beat. The mower replaced a GS1800 kubota (I think that is the right model) with a belly mower. What used to take me three days to cut with the Kubota I could do in one day with the X-mark. That is 10 hours versus 30 hours.

    There were a couple months when we were between tractors. The Exmark was drafted into duty for mowing the pastures. It did a pretty good job there too. Mind you, we aren't talking about brush cutting, just mowing really thick, tall bermuda.

    If your primary concern is mowing, the Exmark is your machine. Just remember, it is pretty much limited to only mowing.

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    Default Re: Kubota vs Exmark Z

    just to add a tiny bit to tjkadar said. the gravely ztr mowers can run snow blowers. grasshopper has many attatchments too. just remember ztr get stuck easy if you don't run them often and know how it takes the terrain. the frame in the rear can get hung up and leave you stranded real fast. my exmarks only downfall is the frame hangs low in back but its designed for stability so it has to be that way. my Dixon is 4 inches taller in same spot just for example. mud or wet is ztr enemy better off with a tractor if its wet.

    personally id get a wam attatchment for a tractor10 or 11 foot will mow fast and mower should be less than exmark by few thousand. my mower lists at $15500

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    Default Re: Kubota vs Exmark Z

    might also put this in lawn & garden forum. keeping in mind, all forum members LOVE to talk about their equipment no matter what :-)

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    Default Re: Kubota vs Exmark Z

    It depends. Just for mowing thats easy the exmark, I have tried the CUT with belly mower and my zero turn with the same size deck runs circles around it. Now if you want to plow/do any earth moving then get the kubota. But my suggestion is get the exmark and then get a cheap older skid steer (case 1835c). In my opinion nothing works better for mowing then a zero turn
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