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    We have looked at the Massey Ferguson 1431. The are offering a package deal with tractor, mower, FEL, disk harrow, and box blade for $18,000.00 delivered our the door. We also looked at John Deere 3320 with 300X FEL and MX5 mower for $21,500.00 out the door. Also the 4120 with 400X FEL and MX6 mower for $27,000.00 out the door. John Deere's are e-hydro on both (which is better on my bad knees). Can someone please help with this decision. Massey is offering more for the money, but John Deere is better looking and bigger tractors. All opinions would be greatly appreciated. We also looked at Mahindra but ruled them out due to dealer.

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    get the 4120

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    I would prefer to have a Massey in their 1500 series rather than the 1400s, however, that's a good bit of equipment for the price.

    Have you tried them out? That's the first thing to do, and make sure you get to USE them at least a little to see how they react to a boxblade, and how the loader works.

    Since you don't say how you need to use them, it's hard to say if you need the "better looking and bigger" tractor, but it sounds to me as though you WANT the John Deere. Sometimes that's all one needs to know. Get the one you want.
    EDIT: It may help if you fill out your profile. Go to MY PAGE at the top, then click on personal settings and fill out info on your land etc. Someone closer to you may be able to help you better.

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