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    Default Re: Still a bit Confused....but

    I went with a deere 5410 2-wd with FEL last spring at about 23,900 or something close to that. I put about 260 hours on it last summer cutting and baling hay. I mostly roll up some 4x4 rolls with a 335 jd baler. I used a 4000 ford with around 50hp for about 10 years with this baler no problem. I went with the 54xx because we decided to double the operation after dad retired. The 5310 was really in the running for us and would have done the job except of the prospects of enlarging again in a few years and upgrading some equipment. Especially the roller size and bushhog. New Holland 5030, I think, as well as a kubota 6800 were also possibilities. Dealers as well as physical size were also factors. All I will say about dealers in my area is that they were all in together and would spit out a price and stick with it pretty much with maybe some room for neg. in the area of implements. They all priced me the same tractor sitting on a lot in Bowling Green according to their computer.
    If I had it to do over I would probably have made the same choice for my situation. I would have gone with the 53xx if I didn't need the extra weight and the fourth cylinder less the turbo. I probably would have gained the needed weight with the four wheel drive front. The 53xx sounds like it would be big enough for the future and not too large for your present situation. Remember you will need a second tractor if you enlarge to a farming operation. On the down side the 50xx and smaller tractors will be able to do lots of things and get into areas that the larger can't. I'm not sure about the sidling ground and top heaviness question since I'm too squimish but I do feel like I'm perched up higher on the 5410.
    Listen to what the others guys here say, they were the most helpful to me last year on my purchase. I can't say enough good things about this board.

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    Default Re: Still a bit Confused....but

    I have found a dealer that I feel i can work with , But life is funny ,it has thrown the issuse of money in to question ......... When I started this it was there , but now may have to go to other commitments ... and the ever loved Taxman ..........8(
    Again Thank You All , Even if I must hold off a bit longer in my purchasethe information I have learned here will always be of use ........

    As to the land , it is for the most part flat , or very gentle slope.......I can only think of two places that if you drive in to the ditch that may be possible to roll a tractor .... The biggest problem would be sinking it out of site in soft ground or mud holes due to the natural drainage has been blocked and silted in off the property , so the water now backs up , Also the local town dam on the river has been reworked to a higher level for a second time after the original dam from the 1700's , broke in the 1970's . After this last rebuild it is now 2.5 feet higher than first built ........ I guess thats one way to make more wet land and hold down the builting boom , and to keep the sale of water pumps going , We pump 24/7 52 at my mom's place now ,,,, and will get as much as 2 feet of water on a high flood time in winter if we stop pumping ...... makes for one to think about blowing up that !@#$%^&* dam ,

    The Wet Land Wannabe Farmer
    Bill G.

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